Thursday, 6 September 2007

My Little DInner Party...

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Well yeehaaa! I've been an uncookin' fool all to use my dehydrator, and even 'invented' a couple recipes.
Lesseeeee... I made chili, avocado 'fries', tortillas, hummus, red pepper curry, spinach and zucchini yummies...and for dessert (not shown) some coconut chocolate fudge... dang, it was good!!
My neighbour and her baby joined my boyfriend and I in the back yard and we ate all these goodies as the dog watched and waited with a hopeful look on her face.
Of course, being my first time putting a 'meal' together using the dehydrator, my timing was a little off...for instance, the tortillas were a bit erm, chewy... but otherwise delish :) I can't get over how much I ate today... I ate as I was making all this stuff, and I ate a huge plate at dinner, then what did I do? Why, I got seconds, of course! (So did everyone else...must be doin' sumfin right :)

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Raw Vegan Mama said...

Great job! You are going to turn your whole neighborhood raw! WOOHOO! Talk about the "Butterfly Effect"! *wink*

Also -- the food look FANTASTIC!

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