Thursday, 27 September 2007

Raw Pizza, What the...

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I've recently been asked to explain raw pizza. A pretty fair question, I'd say!

When I first heard that the raw food lifestyle included pizza, I was more than baffled myself. It sure didn't sound good, 'cause all I could imagine was raw dough and stiff, cold, crunchy vegetables...(vom).

I realize now, that trying to describe what raw pizza really is...doesn't really make it sound much better!
Well, the crust is made with nuts.... ah, ya lost me already... lol...

Until I'd eaten myself and experienced the complete mouth-gasm that it is, I would never have been tempted to cross the street to eat a slice based on its hippy sounding description.

I ask only that you stay with me long enough to read this, and open enough to try it. It will be love at first bite, I can damn near promise you this. Only damn near because we're not all the same. Honestly though, the last person I expected to satisfy with raw pizza was my boyfriend, who, until we began eating this way was the most carnivorous of them all, and the least likely to do anything remotely healthy when it came to eating. Just indiscriminate, like I was.

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Alissa Cohen describes it well: 'The Living Pizza:This pizza is better than the real thing! The crust is made from sprouted grains and/or seeds, and veggies and then dehydrated. The tomato sauce is made from sun-dried tomatoes, dates, garlic, and herbs. The creamy cheese topping is made from a variety of nuts and vegetables and spices. The pizza is topped with avocados, mushrooms, spinach and onions.'

Thing is, to be able to picture it at all, ya need to know what the dehydrator does. It softens the veggies and brings out the intensity of all the flavors. For instance, nuts like walnuts or pine nuts release oils during dehydration that makes the flavors not only explode, but taste like cooked. Believe or not (I wouldn't believe me either) walnuts are sprinkled on top of the pizza and it makes it taste just like cheese.

I know what you're thinking, cause I thought it too. Some hippy vegan shiite that is just too weird to try.

I'm not here to convert, only explain. :)

I haven't made pizza yet, but am going to, and when I do, I will document it here. I've only eaten it at Gorilla Food and Rawfreshing Cuisine, and both times, I FLIPPED OUT.

I know it takes preparation, but if ya keep dehydrated sprouted grain 'dough' in the freezer (I don't, yet, but isn't that a good idea? I read that somewhere and thought, 'hey yeah...') then all you've gotta do is whip that out, make a tomato & cheese sauces, and add veggies...then stick it all in the dehydrator for a bit.

If your city has a raw cafe, go check out the pizza...then come back here and tell me about it!


Toni Toni Toni said...

That sounds interesting. I'd definitely be willing to try it, but after living in Italy, I'm not so sure I'd be able to convert :)

I don't think they have a raw cafe, in fact, I highly doubt it. They have one vegetarian restaurant here and I guess it's not that good. Doesn't surprise me though because Tuscany is known for it's meat.

I'm glad you're blogging about this, it's very interesting to me. I can't even imagine eating this way.

Wildhearted said...

Your description of raw pizza sounds so wonderful! I was skeptical, but now I really want to try it. I'm putting off all purchases until we move, but a dehydrator is definitely on my list!

Rawkin' said...

Hi Toni, I hear ya, if I lived in Italy, it would be real hard to imagine better pizza! Eating raw sure has been quite a journey!
I couldn't imagine eating this way either, back when I'd first heard of it. All I could think of was fruit or salad! Boy was I in for a treat! I'm glad you find my blog interesting.

Wildhearted, I'm glad I was able to describe the indescribable! The dehydrator makes this lifestyle so delish! It allows me to create gourmet recipes so that anything one can cook, one can un-cook!

Have a great weekend!


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