Thursday, 20 September 2007

I Think This Guy is RIGHT ON!

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Commentary by Mike Adams, the creator of this cartoon:

Humans are the only species on the planet who actually go out of their way to feed their children crap.

All other animals instinctly seek out the best nutrition they can find.

Birds find grubs, worms and insects to feed their young, honeybees painstakingly collect pollen and create a nutrient-rich superfood that gives rise to a living queen bee, and even dogs, cats and cows try to find the most nutrient-rich foods to offer their offspring.

But humans? Most of them "reward" their children with junk food, sugary sodas, candy laced with petrochemical coloring additives and refined sugars that promote obesity and diabetes.

Most parents don't even make any real effort to follow nutritional discipline at home -- they simply buy whatever their children saw advertised on television, caving in to the all-powerful "nag factor" that junk food companies fully exploit when marketing to children.

As a result, human children are the least healthy youngsters of any species on the planet.

Baby dolphins are healthier than baby humans, for example, and they are born with healthier nervous systems, fewer toxins and a lot more common sense.Speaking of common sense, nearly all mammals have the common sense to feed their children their own mother's milk.

A kitten, for example, will drink cat's milk from its mother. A puppy will drink dog's milk from its mother. A baby horse will drink horse's milk from its mother.

But humans? We're sorta stupid. We mostly drink cow's milk. (And the dairy industry insisted for decades it was better for infants than human milk!)

Of all the mammals on planet Earth, only humans are dumb enough to seek out the mammary gland juice of another species while shunning the breast milk of their own species. And did we choose the milk of a species SMARTER than us that might have more brain-boosting nutrients? Nope. We get our milk from a low-IQ species well suited to pulling a plow. Cow's milk ain't exactly brain nutrition, folks.

Some people have a hard time understanding that because they've been drinking too much of the stuff and those mushy neurons crammed into their thick skulls are firing a bit on the slow side. (A lack of DHA does wonders for boosting stupidity scores.)

Humans, by the way, are not only so collectively short-sighted that they feed their children crap foods and beverages, they actually still haven't figured out why so many of their children are obese and diabetic! It's like beating yourself on the hand with a hammer and wondering why your fingers hurt. Gee, the evidence isn't that difficult to figure out, folks. If you feed your kids sugar, white flour, toxic chemical additives, mind-altering pharmaceuticals and toxic shampoos, lotions and toothpaste, you're gonna end up with mutant children who aren't exactly Nobel Prize material.

This isn't rocket science. The real mystery is how the food companies keep getting away with all the denial of the evidence linking processed foods and beverages to childrens' health problems. I guess it helps that they influence the government regulators and practically own the mainstream media. They also buy all the prime shelf space at grocery stores, sponsor the big sporting events, and have successfully infiltrated schools and hospitals with junk food restaurants and vending machines.

Heck, there's still a McDonald's restaurant in the Cleveland Clinic where they perform heart surgery!If the birds and the bees have figured out how to raise healthy offspring, you'd think that humans might have the brain power to raise their own healthy children, too. And some parents are. There are lots of great parents out there raising kids on a macrobiotic diet, a vegetarian diet or a zero-processed-foods diet.

Many of those parents are home schoolers, by the way. Good job to all the parents who actually teach their children healthful eating habits! Keep up the goog work!Unfortunately, those parents are rare. Most parents just buy whatever crap is being peddled on TV these days. And they feed their kids cancer-causing processed meats, hyperactivity-causing food additives and obesity-promoting refined sugars. They load 'em up on high-fructose corn syrup and then wonder why little Johnny weighs 150 pounds. (Must be the genes, they think. Cause daddy's overweight, too.)

And even though some individuals and corporations may get financially rich by selling this junk to families, the bottom line is that we're all worse off when we raise unhealthy children in society. Why? Because the future cost of treating disease -- not to mention the loss of lifetime productivity -- is jaw-droppingly HUGE. It's enough to bankrupt our nation, which is, coincidentally, what seems likely to happen in due course. No democracy has ever survived its citizens losing their health.We could learn a lot by listening to nature on the subject of nutrition. Most animals eat a raw foods, vegetarian diet.

Even the birds and the bees have something important to teach us about nutrition: feed your children right, and your species will survive and thrive. But feed your children crap and your family tree becomes a dead stump in the dirt.

If you're a parent, I urge you to make an effort to introduce your children to a diet of unprocessed, natural foods. If they've been on a sugared-up diet of processed foods so far, they will of course whine about it. But your job as the parent is to give your children what's best for their health, not what they really really want because their taste buds tell them so.

Always breastfeed newborns and don't believe the B.S. about infant formula being just as good as mother's milk (nothing's as good for infants as the real thing). Don't bring sugar and soda into your house, and don't reward kids with junk food. That only trains them to associate pleasure with unhealthful foods, and that's a curse that could haunt them for the rest of their adult life.

Feed them right and you'll give them the best gift any parent could hope to offer: a healthful, self-aware future, free from chemicals and disease.


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Wildhearted said...

Thank you for posting this--my commitment to healthy eating has suffered in the past couple of weeks--we're selling our house--and I really needed the reminder about how important it is to eat healthily.

A day that you post to your blog is a happy day for your readers!

Raw Vegan Mama said...


Fantastic post! All true words....


Rawkin' said...

Oh, Wildhearted, thank YOU for your comment! I really appreciate it. I get like you're describing, too...healthy eating is one of the first things to get re-negotiated (usually, moved to the back burner) if life gets out of whack. Forgive yourself and move on... just get back on the horse. We were away this weekend, and my boyfriend ate a SAD (but I must say, delicious looking, lol) breakfast while I ate my bowl of fruit. I asked him why he chose that, and said, "I'm on holidays, and this is what my holiday stomach wants." lol It was as simple as that for him. Not "oh, I shouldn't..." Just yep, that's what I'm doin'. The rest of the weekend, he just ate raw as I did, and that was that. It IS important to eat healthily, but sometimes life gets busy, or time gets away on ya and you're not on your usual schedule, and you get that '' feeling so once in a while you just throw something down there that isn't the best. That's ok. From that place, you just make a different choice next time. Selling your house is a big thing and once you're settled again, that is when you can focus on eating right...but sometimes you just have to take one thing at a time. Years ago, in the early 90's, I was going through a major life crisis (separation with kids involved) and I was also trying to quit smoking. I almost lost my freaking mind, lol, and fortunately, I took the advice of someone dear who said, "Luce, maybe now isn't the right time to quit. You've got enough on your plate. There will be a better time to devote your energies to quitting, but right now, this stress is doing you more harm than good."

They were so right, and a while later, like, a year later... I quit smoking and haven't touched it since. So all things in their time, and all things can be forgiven. Life is too good to sweat it, no? :) Thanks for the beautiful compliment about my posting in my blog. I've had a particularly busy time with getaways since July, and this weekend was no exception! We went to beautiful Nelson B.C. :)

Rawkin' said...

Thanks, RVM xoxoxoxoxox
Those are kisses and hugs for you because I just think you RAWK!!

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