Sunday, 16 September 2007

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Gracie, aka The Donkey, pictured here with her best friend, our cat Ruby

My dog has fleas...

All this camping, the poor thing's got hitchhikers. So Steve says, "Time to get some Advantage."

While I agree The Donkey needs relief, I decided to look up a more natural flea remedy, because if I don't even want makeup, shampoo, skin cream, or food, with chemicals...I sure don't want to be cuddling up to a furry chemical soup. (I must be tiresome to live with, really. It's just so much easier, to shrug and think it's all fiiiiiiiiiiine?)

Anyway, so I found this article that says putting garlic and nutritional yeast in the dog's food can be helpful. Well, I have both those things here at home! So I excitedly tell Steve, "Hey Baby, check this out..." and he says, "Great, I'll do it right now..."

A moment later he asks me what nutritional yeast looks like and I tell him, "...kinda like powdered chicken soup stock...yellow-y...and it smells like cooked cheese... (um, yum?)

Then I realize I also have Maca in there, packaged the same way, and I say, "Make sure it's not the Maca..."

"Got it!" He smells it, "It's not the Maca..."

So he mixes it up for the dog and she gobbles it down.

Fast forward to later in the morning when our friend comes over, and coincidentally, asks to borrow a bit of Maca since the bulk place has it on order. I keep it in a jar, but remember this twist-tied plastic bag with the rest and pull it out of the cupboard. So I take it out, and Steve says, "That's the nutritional yeast."

I say, cautiously..."No...Honey...THIS is the nutritional yeast." I pull out an identical bag, the only difference is it says NY on the twist-tie.

We all look at The Donkey, and Steve says,"I gave the dog MACA!"


So what the heck IS Maca? Known as the Peruvian Ginseng, Maca is a root vegetable, similar to a radish, grown in the cold mountains of Peru. Used for thousands of years for energy and endurance, it's been marketed at increasing men's libido, but has found its place among women for the same thing, and a permanent place in my cupboard (albeit without a good label.)

It's an adaptogen, which means it will do what each body needs it to do. It balances a person out. And really, to speak directly, it really makes sex seem like a great plan. It's not that it zeros in on your private bits and makes you squirmy (ahem) it's more like it just seems like a good idea. It sort of gently stirs things up all through your body, chills you out, balances you, I don't have the're just going to have to try it. It really, freakin' WORKS :) Put it this way, Steve's not allowed to touch it!! He's already naturally Macafied. Me...I put two tablespoons in my green smoothie every morning and life is good.

As for The Donkey, I haven't observed any outward manifestations...ahem... Here is some more specific information about Maca


Wildhearted said...

I hope The Donkey is ok and I reeeeaaallly hope Maca doesn't work for dogs the way it does for people! ; )

Anonymous said...

OMG! This was the funniest post ever! Hope all is well over there!



Rawkin' said...

Wildhearted :)
The Donkey Lives!! She was eyin' the cat funny though... ;)

RVM :)
I'm glad you enjoyed this post :)
Maybe The Donk's loins were on fire, lol, but she didn't let on...

May I thank you both while I've got ya here... thank you for reading my blog :) I appreciate this very much :)

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