Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Rawkin' Raw Gear

I ordered a Vita-Mix today!! Happy Dance! I've also replaced my food processor, which had a messy and tragic demise a week back.

My boyfriend surprised me with a white, double breasted, knotted button chef's coat on the weekend. When I told my kids they laughed and said, "Are ya gonna get one of those poofy hats too?" Haha... uh, no...

Not much else to do but plan my first workshop! I'm so excited!

Playin' in the raw big leagues, now! heh heh SO kidding. All ya gotta do is read this blog to know I'm flyin' by the seat of my pants!!

I've recently had some training, and want to continue adding to my knowledge base. In fact, this weekend, I'm booked in to a raw retreat with Victoria Boutenko and her daughter Valya! Well, I'm sure it won't just be the three of us, lol...

I'm really looking forward to this! It's a weekend of workshops, interactive seminars, talks, and smoothie goodness.

I'm eager to hear their perspective on keeping raw simple. I've learned to make it fancy, now I want the flip side. Somewhere in there, I'll find a happy medium.

Knowledge is power. And in the case of raw, knowledge is health.

Enjoy your happy day, Rawkers!


Anonymous said...

I'll be very interested in hearing about your weekend. I somehow have the impression that they do mainly smoothies as meals rather than a lot of preped work.

I'm away (Las Vegas) and return the night of the 17th so cannot make their talk here.

Love that Steve took you shopping for the chef jacket. XOX Islander headed to the desert

Rawkin' said...

Hi Darlin' Islander,

You're right, they are all about keepin' it simple, and that's the main focus of the weekend. The menu is full of fruit & veggies in all their glory...whole, juiced, smoothied, and pudding-ed. (I might pack some evening snacks, cause I'm staying overnight and I hate it when I am so hungry that I could eat my own arm and I'm not at home! haha!

Happy Vegas, Baby! How cool is that??

Yes, that Steve is somethin' else!! I'm a blesssed woman.


contessa20 said...

Oooh... I'm so jealous about the retreat. Sounds like it will be wonderful. Enjoy!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Have an image of you under your blanket , with a flashlight,hunting all those crumbs...

Don't pack crunchy stuff! Laughin' over here.

Yeah, Vegas,baby. Kinda feel like that horse on a diving board, looking down into the tub of water.

Culture shock therapy... Grand Canyon side trip and the Cirque'Love'show the draws for me.

Since all I truly want to make seems to be smoothies,wish I could hear them speak. Enjoy them and your quiet packed rations. XOX

Rawkin' said...

Hi Contessa20,

So nice to see you here :)

I'm really looking forward to my weekend retreat and I'll update here after the weekend for sure.

You know, the Boutenkos get around! ;) Ya never know, they might be coming to your area. My long-time, dear, online friend SG from New Zealand, just hosted the Boutenko Ladies for a conference there! We are both a tad mind-blown that now I'll be meeting them just a couple months later, (but SG and I have yet to meet.)

Take care,

Rawkin' said...

hahaha yes M'am you know me all too well. Snacks on the QT! 'Nothing crunchy' is very sage advice! So no kale chips, shoot. (That would be whole other meal of crumbs, though!) :)

Your trip sounds like it will be remarkable!!! I look forward to hearing all about it!!

Big love,

Anonymous said...

they do focus on the smoothies, but their 12 Steps book has quite a number of recipes of all sorts in it. lent my copy out, so can't remember if there are any dehydrator ones or not - think there are tho ... garden burgers and stuff.


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