Sunday, 5 April 2009

Goin' Bananas!

My dear friend Islander sent me this in an email, and I just loved it! It's called...

"When Bananas Go Bad."

Well since I have this photo, I figure I should say a few words about bananas.

Here are some banana factoids:

I used to date a guy whose dad once said, in a thick Italian accent, "Vince, eachoo banan!" and it killed us both laughing and stuck with me all these years. translation: Vince, eat your banana

Ok, no longer funny.

Seriously now:

Bananas are a good source of vitamin C, potassium and dietary fiber.

Bananas are America's #1 fruit.

Bananas are available all year-round. They are harvested every day of the year.

Bananas are great for athletic and fitness activity because they replenish necessary carbohydrates, glycogen and body fluids burned during exercise.

The banana plant is not a tree.

It is actually the world's largest herb, of the same family as lilies, orchids and palms.

Here's a very interesting page about the many medicinal uses of bananas, and let's not forget my spider bite on the boob adventure...

Here's a yummy sounding Banana Smoothie recipe I found. Must try it.

Oooh and how about some Banana Ice Lollies ala Karen Knowler. Mmmm.

So you see, bananas are generally very good.

It only takes one to ruin it for the rest of the bunch! ;)

Oh, but if you don't want your bananas to go bad, for real, keep 'em out on the counter in a bowl, at room temperature. Like other tropical fruit, they don't 'appreciate' the cold. Bananas won't ripen in the fridge, they will go black. Ick.

The freezer, though, that's something else altogether. Remember this?
And oh my gosh, HOW could I have missed THIS??!

Peel one today, Rawkers!

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