Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Eating Light & Simple Smoothies

My body has been experiencing a lighter internal footprint since the weekend. While I'm no stranger to having a daily smoothie, or even adding a second one to my day, now, I am rather happily and surprisingly, having that second one in lieu of dinner!

As I've mentioned, I am usually a dinner HO. And knowing me, I will play back and forth between light and heavy, but the weekend taught me that nothing bad happens, lol, when I don't have a big dinner.

I've said it a lot throughout this blog that I get this entitlement feeling when it comes to dinner, like it's a reward; the Cracker Jack prize for the day.

But consuming mostly smoothies for the weekend (other than my 2 carrot bread pieces and 2 bananas) pretty much showed me it's all in my head.

The day after I returned from the retreat, I went to have dinner with my kids, who ate take out Indian food. Normally, I would have wrestled with myself but honestly, the food would have won. Yes, even in the face of trying to live the way I'm trying to live. How's that for real?

Well, after this weekend, I felt so, um, what's the word, cleansed, and also very inspired, so I didn't partake. I had a big mixing bowl of salad and later, I made a smoothie.

On the motorbike on the way home, my boyfriend yelled back to me, "I'm proud of you, Baby!"

And I yelled up, "What?" (the Harley's very loud.)

He repeated it and I asked, "For what?"

He yelled back, "For stickin' to your guns, and not having Indian."

And I said, "Ah, thanks. But you know, I just came from this weekend, and if I can't take that inspiration and use it immediatly after something like that, then when, right?"

The weekend's light fare was a perfect launch to keeping it that way for a while. I've been in and out and around raw long enough to never say never anymore, that's why I say 'for a while'.

But these days, it feels wonderful to keep it light. And I want less, too.

I'm even keeping my smoothies more simple. Pared down my supplements, just putting Twister and Spirulina in there. Maybe I'll pare that down even more.

And instead of a whole variety of leaves in one smoothie, I'm going to rotate the greens and mix just two at a time. For instance, Monday, I might have spinach and dino kale along with my fruit and on Tues I might have romaine and mustard greens, Wed it could be chard and parsley, etc. Even types of kale, lettuce and chard, etc can be rotated. For example, dino kale Monday, curly kale Tues is fine.

The reason for this is to prevent a build-up of oxalates and to keep a variety of nutrients in your body. Other than for taste reasons, fruit doesn't need to be rotated.

Also, prior to the weekend, I heard an interesting and jarring thing that made me drop my sweets habit like a stone. (Well, not altogether and not forever, haha, but the extent of it, certainly.) It was that varying degrees of parasites and ailments, from candida to cancer, all require sugar to be kept alive, and in fact, partially explained sweets cravings. Blech. Sometimes a girl needs a visual, and this one really snapped me out of this. It really makes me not want to feed these terrible things, thanks.

So, I'm riding the wave of inspiration & education and it leads me to hope! Between my Level 1 & Level 2 Living on Live certifications and my Boutenko weekend retreat, I feel renewed and SO on the right track these days!

My Vita-Mix is going to arrive in the next week or two and I am so eager to start using it! I feel bright and sunny just thinking about it! Do a little dance, make a little love, get down tonight, Whoo! Get down tonight, Whoo! Do a little dance, make a little love, get down tonight!

Sparkle on, Rawkers!!


Judy said...

Great post, thanks!

Rawkin' said...

Aw, I'm glad you enjoyed it, Judy, thanks!


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