Monday, 20 April 2009

Raw Music

I had a great raw foodin'-good lovin'-Harley-trippin-bit 'o' singin'-catching up with old friends-kind of weekend.

My version of good times. Mostly all in bars and Legions, just like 'the old days'...where pints flowed and burgers & fries wafted by. Only this time, the pints were lemon water and the fries wafted right by.

You know, back when I quit drinking beer, I remember lamenting, "But everyone ELSE still gets to drink!" Well, yup, they do.

Chatting with old friends, I heard more stories about hangovers and needing to quit, than I heard how wonderful folks are feeling. And believe me, that lifestyle had me in its grips too long feel righteous now. I'm just grateful I managed to climb out.

It would be funny to my old drinkin' buddies, and hell, it's kinda funny to me when I am back in that environment, to think that my drink of choice is now a green smoothie.

I've learned that you can't go all preachy on someone about raw foods; it's definitely a personal journey, and besides, not everyone wants to take that route. So other than one conversation that started with being told, "Holy shit! You're looking GREAT! What the hell are you doin'??!" I kept the raw thing to myself.

After explaining a bit about raw foods to my incredulous friend, I was asked, "Dontcha miss french fries?? Dontcha miss eating whatever you want??"

I said, honestly, "Well, yeah, sometimes, and the odd time, I do indulge. I'm not trying to make raw my religion, I just feel so great the more raw I eat, so I try and keep it that way. Besides, raw can mimic and surpass any cooked foods. Like, for french fries? You can make jicama fries..."

And by this time he was looking at me like I was a martian, so I just shrugged and said, "I do get to eat whatever I want, it's just from the framework of a different menu. (I knew I wouldn't convince someone drinking a pint of Legion beer on tap that the choices within the raw food diet are boundless and I kept it light and we just got on to talking about other things.)

Aside from being a lot of fun, this weekend sure did serve as a great reminder of how it used to be for me, and it also gave me such a great feeling inside to know that life is incomparably fabulous without beer, and to an even greater degree, with raw foods.

It was really great catching up with friends, and being called up on stage to sing was wonderful! From singing this weekend, we booked two gigs in June! One on the 6th, and one on the 20th. Yeehaaaa!

A comment from Judy on yesterday's blog post got me thinking about sharing my music here. So here goes.

My boyfriend and I have a CD, Straight Up, and it's available for digital download from Bitmunk, QtrNote, PassAlong, GreatIndieMusic, and Rhapsody.

We took a necessary break from music and now are back at it, and are really enjoying gigging again and are hunkerin' down to record our second cd. We've just booked a rehearsal studio so we can work out our new songs that have been brewing. We write everything we sing. We call our music 'Rockin' Country Blues'. Thanks for asking about it, Judy. I hope you enjoy the tunes.

So here it is Monday, after a couple days in bars. I feel more excited than ever about my life because it feels fuller than ever. I feel like I don't have to choose between my old life in music and my new life in raw foods. I struggle with black and white thinking, and I couldn't picture being a raw foodie in the bar scene, figuring I'd have nothing in common anymore, since I don't drink or even eat pub food.

But there's plenty left.

One, the music, and I see now that I still have my dear old friends, and can enjoy them in a clear way, and laugh and have a blast, waive off the french fries 'cause I have something better waiting for me at home...raw pizza, the gym, waking up happy and clear-headed, planning my workshops, uncooking for my boyfriend, watching my sprouts grow, tending this blog, and... and... and... :)

Happy Combining Old & New, Rawkers!


Judy said...

Damn, girl you can sing! Thanks for sharing the music.

Rawkin' said...

Thank you, Judy! :) My pleasure.


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