Thursday, 2 April 2009

Notes from a Rawkin' Fool :)

I was quite twitchy yesterday from not having Internet! I don't know wth my provider goes on vacay like that, but it happens every couple months...then just like nothin' happened, it's suddenly back on the next evening. Harrumph.

So much to report! I made a horrible dinner the other night! Haha just when I asked if you were gettin' tired of hearing about my fabulous meals! Well as it happens, I screwed up a simple recipe and ended up with puddles of nama shoyu in my mouth with every bite and lemme tell ya, it was YUCK!!

Moral of the story is... read through the recipe first before being a bull in a china shop, like I tend to be. I just start. I barrel right the hell in there, and it's only after I've got things marinating and chopped that I will realize I need a key ingredient and I don't have it, or just as rich, I have to soak something and didn't. (Remember me? "yeah yeah yeah...") Well the other night, I was pulse chopping veggies for the collard rolls and was just throwing them all into the same bowl, figurin' they'd all end up in the same collard leaf.

What I didn't' figure on was that the onions and mushrooms had to marinate separately for a minimum of 10 minutes, and by now, they were all mixed in with the other veggies, and all diced too small to pick through. I tried.

So I marinated the whole bunch of it, the onions, mushrooms, carrots, zucchini, lettuce, everything. Oy. I drained it but it just saturated everything and well, you know the rest.

My ever-lovin' boyfriend insisted that it wasn't so bad, and ate his and mine, and only admitted later when I said, "Geez honey, sorry about this assy dinner..." that it wasn't his favorite. Gotta love that guy.

And gotta love him even more: he went out for what I thought was dog food for Gracie, but came back with an Emergency Beet Burger (EBB) from our raw food cafe a few blocks away! Awwwwwww so sweet. I had just been pokin' around in the fridge trying to figure out what I could have for dinner instead when he arrived with this. I hugged him so long he said, "Come on, eat it before it gets cold!" (Is he not the BEST, though????)

Made it up to him last night with Gabriel Cousens' Raw Samosas (Rainbow Green Live-Food Cuisine.) These were a bit of a pain in the tuckus to make but they turned out well! I served it with a giant salad and some flax bread.

Tonight, though, should really do it...I'm making raw lasagna! I'll let you know how it turns out, and take some glamour shots of it if I remember ;) UPDATE: Oh, Mama....

I found a Gaiam Abs Ball in a thrift store yesterday for only 3 bucks!! Woohoo! I do abs at the gym, but it's nice to be able to supplement at home. This is an 8 lb ball with handles inset on both sides. I wouldn't have thought to buy one new, cuz I'd never seen one before...(turns out they're around 40 bucks US) ...but there it was blinking up at me for $3 and I couldn't resist.

The gym is going really well! I upped my weights, and am not favoring myself; rather, I'm givin' 'er and pushing myself. I feel so great, and my workouts feel like the best thing I could be doing for myself. Well, besides eating raw!

Since the raw chef courses, it's just become a no-brainer to make dinner, well, unless you count the dumb ass collard dinner, lol, but it just seems like all I needed was the validation that I'd been doing this correctly all along (you know, with some tweaks here and there, and a whole bunch of new learning) and now it just doesn't seem like a big deal anymore. Soaking, prepping ahead of time, etc. It's just the way dinner is. I so love it.

Guess what though, first my juicer died a couple weeks ago, and now my food processor is on the outs. It's ok for drier stuff, but as I found out in the messiest of ways today while making tomato sauce, it's not ok for the wet stuff. A piece of the inside of the lid broke off cleanly yesterday, and as it turns out, it happens to be a piece that shielded liquids from flying all over the cupboards, the chef, and the counter. LOL

I did buy my juicer and fp at around the same time a couple years ago, so I did get some good mileage out of them. Guess it's time for a shoppy trip! I love love love shopping for new appliances, don't you? Not that we have the extra money right now, but GEEZ Honey, you want dinner, don'tcha??


Have a bright and beautiful day, Rawkers!


Judy@StrawCottage said...

Great photo!

Rawkin' said...

Thank you, Judy!! How sweet of you!!



Anonymous said...

shame about the fp babe, but yeah, all the better you go get a new one. made me laugh reading your description of the goodies spreading round the room. i managed to accidentally hit the on button of my blender the other day (in a class) without the lid on - that was good too! lol. fortunately it wasn't a smoothie, so there wasn't much in the jug ...

love you big time



Rawkin' said...

Ah SG, you can relate! :) Sorry you had to do it for an audience of keen students! Ah well, let's file it under s...happens. :)

Thanks babe! Love you long time!!

PS not sure what we're doin' for dins in the next few days til we can get an fp... :? I'll have to wing it with my blender. You know, the one with the stuck 'pulse' button...? sheesh


Anonymous said...

get your knives flying, use the blender, use your spiraliser, improvise!!! u can do it! xxx sg

Rawkin' said...

Yes mam, put the spiralizer and blender to work! Did go source out fp's today and will be picking one up this week! Maybe a flying knife, too :)


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