Saturday, 30 January 2010

New Raw Restaurant

Oh Mama!  
There's a new Raw Restaurant in town!  
1829 Quebec Street at 2nd Ave., Vancouver, BC, Canada
Open 7 days a week 9AM to 9PM.

Steve and I were toolin' around on the Harley the other day, and we happened by Organic Lives around lunch time.  We just went in to check it out, unable to stay for anything that day.  It's a restaurant, a full juice bar, and a store offering usual and unusual raw food items.  We met the owner, Preet, and told him we'd be back.  Steve added, "I have a feeling you're gonna cost me a lot of money, Man!"  ;)  There's so much in the way of "items" that we will want to fill our pantry with...raw nuts, olives, organic coconut meat, you name it.  And, we were really looking forward to a full meal there.

Well tonight was the night!  I ordered the pizza, and was pleased to see a large plate with 3 wedges and a big side salad.  A meal!  And bang for the buck!  All that for $10! Usually, raw pizza by the slice is $6 or so, and understandably, since the quality, organic ingredients run high, and nut based cheeses are expensive...not to mention the whole thing is labor-intensive to make. (I've 'tried this at home!')  Fortunately, it's also nutrient-dense, so one or two slices will do until you're full, unlike SAD pizza, where 1 leads to 4 or 5 slices.  (or am I being confessional?)  

Steve ordered the Thai Curry, which comes with a salad, on top of which he ordered another type of salad (forget what), then he ordered Strawberry Shortcake for dessert.

Both our meals were delicious!  And filling!! Not so filling that I wasn't also tempted by dessert... I asked what they had in 'chocolate'...and was directed to a Ganache dessert called 'Ridiculous!'  Here's what's left of it. Oh, and I re-named it "Insane!"  I've never had anything so deliciously, freakishly CHOCOLATE.  It was intense, and beyond fabulous.  I told Preet I'd be up all night trying to figure out what was in it.  (hint hint.)  He wasn't givin' it up!  :)   As we chatted further, it came to light that we knew someone in common. Chantale Roy, a woman we'd met in Nelson BC when we ate at her raw, I have a photo and a blog entry about it!  Well you coulda knocked me over with a feather when he said, "She's here now!  She's part of this venture with my wife and I.  I'll go get her..."

Sure enough, out comes this lovely woman, who is just as warm hearted as I remembered her.  Case in point, when I extended my hand to shake hers, she hugged me instead, saying, "Of course I remember you!"

We chatted a while and caught up a little bit.  It's so great to have her in town now!  I'll look forward to seeing her once in a while when we go back.  It was such a nice experience to eat there.

On the way out, I couldn't resist buying a little 50g bag of BBQ Parsnip Chips for 2.99.  DAYUM I enjoyed those!!  I only ate a few in the truck on the way home, you know, just to test them out.  But in the end, I went into a food fugue and ate them all.  

Bahahaha see what I put up with?  (Myself!) haha 



Antony Heaven said...

That pizza looks great and I bet the chocolate was fabulous :-)

Rawkin' said...

Hi Antony,

Thanks for reading my blog! :) The food was indeed fantastic! I have had, and made, some pretty great raw pizza before, and this topped them all, I think. It was a combination of a few things that made the whole thing work: *thin* savory crust, loaded with such a great mix of veg and olives, topped with a light swirl of pesto...yummmm. Then the chocolate dessert...OMG.

Next time, I'll try and remember to take a BEFORE pic of the food, rather than the AFTER plate. haha

Take care,

Anonymous said...

Sounds great. Sounds like all they're lacking is some live music once a week or so ... in exchange for how many nights dinners ?

3 dinners + Sunday brunch sounds reasonable to start. XOX Islander

Christine said...

Sounds delish - I would probably be there every weekend like a junkie!

I live near Washington, DC and I don't know what it is about this's like a black hole of raw food. Nothing. Go north to Pennsylvania...golden. This area...meat, meat, meat meat. Maybe it fuels the politics? ha ha!

I bought all of the ingredients to make the yummy Indian dish you showcased the other day...maybe I can convince my husband to crack open the coconut for me tonight!


Rawkin' said...

I like the way you think, Islander! ;)

Funny you should mention it, though...we were in another raw food place yesterday, and we just may be playing for meals at their upcoming party! Too much fun! The guy felt sheepish offering (instead of cash) and both Steve and I said, "Are you KIDDING? That's where all our money goes, anyway!!" :) Hope it works would be at the end of Feb with our band... yay!


Rawkin' said...

Hi Christine,

Wow, I WAS there this weekend like a junkie... we went there twice for dinner and Steve ran by there in the morning to pick up some Brain On and some desserts! We had our second dinner with the owner, who is very interesting to talk with about raw foods.

Hey maybe you could be the one to start a raw food meetup/potluck in the DC area. I couldn't help but stop in my tracks when you said "This area...meat, meat, meat meat. Maybe it fuels the politics?" I think that is BANG ON! Imagine politicians feelin' the groovy vibe of raw?! What a different world it would be.

Oooh I hope you love the Southern Indian dish!

Take care,

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