Saturday, 2 January 2010

Delicious Day!

Started off with a fabulous green lemonade...added a mango and it sent it over the edge and straight into tastyville.  LOVE my Green Star Juicer!!  Best thing I ever got.  I don't drink coffee anymore, I wake up and drink a glass of life!  That's what it feels like!  Gives me energy and mental clarity.  Real energy, not the fake coffee kind.

That big colander of veggies & fruit fit into two glasses (yep, it was a sharing day.)

A while later, I ate not one, not two, but three bananas...because I was going out to do laundry, right next to the diner we have frequented when we've not been raw.  I didn't want to be tempted by old associations, so I ate at home first.  Not tempted, because I have a firm sense that I'm on a raw mission, and my intention is that it's for good ... you know, within the odd fluctuating boundaries...but over all, for's more that I didn't want to be bothered by having to think about it.

So we did laundry for a long time, because it really piled up over the holidays and we were crackin' up because one or the other of us would pick up a shirt and say, "Oh, wow there it is!"  and "Wow, I forgot I had this!" and "Is this yours or mine?"  It was like going shopping at the laundromat!!  When we left, I doubled over laughing because Steve called over his shoulder, "See ya next year!"  (It hasn't been that long but reallly long, so this almost made me pee.)

Later, we went shopping for a little hand held audio recorder that has video capabilities...I will soon be uploading raw videos and eft videos and our music videos to Youtube and Myspace and here!  Yay!!

In other news...I really, really enjoyed this Abraham video; found it awesome, actually. 

My favorite part was this:  'When you desire with belief, it happens.  When you desire with hope, it happens slower.  When you desire with doubt, it's so slow, you might as well be thinking about something else.  When you want something but you don't believe it, it's as good as not coming.  When you want something with hope, it's coming, but you've got to be patient.  When you want something and you know it's coming, patience isn't a factor because it's coming quickly enough that evidence is showing up all over the place." 

Oh yeah, and I made Enchiladas for dinner.  YUM!

Yeah, baby!

PS Today's things that make me happy... :)

Receiving my Gudrun Sjoden catalogues in the mail

my vision board


Anonymous said...

hiya hun - happy new year!! loving your posts right now, they are so full of energy and just completely rawsome!! read your enchilada recipe and now I am inspired. have pretty much no food in the house after our week away and need to go shopping, so think i might get all the fixings! Love you big, sg

Rawkin' said...

Hi SG! Happy New Year! Thank you...I am getting my rawsome energy back, indeed. The fog lifteth!
Nice to see you back & hope your week away was wonderful!
The enchiladas are really really good, I think you'll enjoy them.

love you lotsa,

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