Monday, 18 January 2010

Me and Life Should Just Get a Room!

I've noticed that on the whole, my mood is steadily lightening up...from a place I didn't even realize needed lightening.  It's a whole other state of being, this raw thing!  A lighter mood means a higher vibration...which means I'm in the flow, and really noticing it.   I distinctly remember that  feeling from being raw last time; a very sunny, friendly disposition and a real joie de vivre kicking in. After a few weeks of consistently eating raw, my whole outlook improves.

Even my 'default setting' changes (you know what I mean?  like when a good mood fades and you return to your 'normal' default setting, a sort of flat-lining....?)  Well, now, my default setting is higher, so that every mood either returns to 'content' (or climbs back up there fairly quickly if I've been feeling 'off.')

I love it!!

I am having detoxing dreams when I sleep, though!  But that's temporary, and besides, I'd rather have a sweet life than sweet dreams, so it doesn't much matter.  And, I can snap out of the momentary groggy grumpiness a lot quicker and just carry on with my day.

Life is good.  My boyfriend and I were out with our dog one early morning and we were looking at the sky, and just both felt such a love of life and a great sense of well-being and gratitude overcame us, and it just felt so precious to be alive.


We had dinner with our 4 grown sons the other night (I have two and my boyfriend has two, and they've all known each other since my 18 year old, the youngest, was in diapers!  They are all 'brothers' and each is so unique and different, yet we are all very tight pieces of family.  My ex is part of that, too, only he wasn't at this family dinner.  He'll be at that next one, as we are planning these every two weeks, rotating houses and sometimes taking the bunch out to dinner.  On Sunday, we all piled on over to a house that two of them share and we all enjoyed pizza!

They ordered some, and I brought a raw one!  It was fantastic, and even though they all loved theirs, they were all really into mine, too, and every last piece of every last pie was gone at the end of the meal.  Then it was time for brownies, whoohoo, and they were inhaled and moaned about within minutes.  Damn, those are fine.

It felt wonderful eating raw in a situation that could have been challenging.  But pizza has been off my menu for 10 years because I gave up dairy in 2000.

Anyway, it was a good night; we played pool, we laughed so much, rolled our eyes at bad jokes, and I marveled at every one of them.  They are such fine young men.  We are so blessed!

I wish the same love & blessings on you, Rawkers!



Gloria said...

I call those waves of well-being and gratitude - "I love you moments." So glad you are having them, may the keep flowing!

Rawkin' said...

Aw, Gloria, you have made my day and it's only 6:11 a.m.

I love "I love you moments" and wish them back to you as well.

Thank you!!


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