Thursday, 21 January 2010

Dinner, EFT, Juice, Weight Loss...

Made savory nori snacks with salad for yesterday's dinner...yum.  I doubled the batch and went for it this time!  As an aside, my non-raw friend made these without a dehydrator and she and her family loved them.  So there ya go, apparently they are delicious just like that.

I nearly went out of my mind with sugar cravings last night.  I did some EFT and tapped it out, and was fine in a minute or two...but it got me thinking that I should start keeping my sugar intake in check.  You hear me mention those brownies about every couple days...there's a clue.

Lately I've been eating apples after dinner and I know that this is not a good thing.  Apples (along with most other fruit) only take about 20 minutes to digest, so if they get eaten after food that takes 20 hours to digest, they sit atop it, fermenting, causing gas and bloating and years of this behavior leads to very bad things. lol.  I'd have to look up exactly what, but I'm guessing it contributes to the usual suspects.

How's that for lazy??

In completely other news:

I am accepting clients for EFT sessions on Tuesdays between 3 and 8 pm in my new...drum roll please... office!  Yay! If you'd like a complimentary first session with me, please contact me via the email in my profile.

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique, and can be described as emotional acupuncture...without those pesky needles!  Instead of needles, the meridians are gently tapped on with finger tips.  It's jaw-dropping how this gentle and non-invasive treatment garners results.  I've personally blasted through so much of my own stuff, from relationship issues, to core issues, even that hypochondria I have mentioned is fading into nothing as I tend to the different aspects of it.

EFT works by a client focusing on the issue they want resolved, and the practitioner tapping on the meridians while making statements and affirmations.  Sounds so simplistic, I realize.  I remember wondering how it could possibly be effective...until I permanently rid myself of too many issues to count!  Most of my core stuff was anxiety-based, and in the couple years I've been tapping on myself and seeing a practitioner, I've cleared so much energy around so many issues, that it's safe to say that it's changed my all areas... relationships, performance, phobias, parenting, grief, guilt.  When one issue gets worked on, it affects a lot of other issues that have similar roots, so working on one thing often fixes another.

I've had remarkable results when working on others as well, and I get great joy from them experiencing freedom from things that have plagued them so long.  Honestly, some things can be lifted in moments.  People most often feel great relief in the first session, and in just a few sessions with an intuitive practitioner, life-long issues can be gone.  And I mean gone permanently.  I've worked with folks on their core issues of abandonment, their rattled nerves for upcoming concerts, their life-long physical ailments and sudden diagnoses, their fear of public speaking, and the list goes on.

When I saw my Mother this past September, I worked on the pain in her knee, finding the emotions that lurked underneath, that maintained that pain.  We had three sessions in three days, and she went from holding on to the backs of chairs for balance, and wincing with ever step, to wearing high-heels and dancing around to show us her recovery.  She was 78 years old at the time, and thanked me for giving her her life back.  I get tears just remembering it.  She continues to be fine today, and I taught her how to tap on herself so that if it did flare up, she had tools to combat it.  She says she didn't wait for it to flare up, and in fact has been tapping on herself daily since our visit.

Today is her birthday!  Happy 79th, Beautiful Mama!!!

So I'm off to the store to pick up some leaves for dinner. lol.  Salad is on the menu... and I dunno what else...maybe a juice or a smoothie.  I've cut back on nuts for a bit because I like how simple raw dishes make me feel, and I feel heavy on nuts, and just not optimal.  So while all those gourmet dishes I get into making are indeed scrumptious, I do believe I O.D. on them!  So wraps, salads, and and and...?  Help?

Oh, here's some kinda cool news... since being raw in mid December, I've now lost 10 pounds.  Kinda fun when it's a by-product and not an actual project!!
My jeans are saggy in that saddlebag area just below the bum, and I love it, because that's the first place it goes on, too.

I remember, about 3 or 4 years ago, picking up a book at Value Village and laughing at it, because it had a photo of a realllly old man, he looked a thousand, and the book was called Become Younger.  I showed it to Steve and we giggled that he wasn't much of an endorsement for youth.  But in fact, he was!  It was Norman Walker!  Silly me.  Well that book has been in all the rooms of my house, flipped through as I settle in for a bath, or on my desk in a pile of other books, etc.  I don't know how it took me this long to see this, but this alternating combination of raw juices really sounds fabulous, and I'm going to try it out. 

"...drink one or two pints of fresh raw vegetable juices every day without fail.  I drank a whole pint of carrot juice and a pint of a combination of carrot, celery, parsley, and spinach juices, one day, and the next I would drink the carrot juice and a pint of a combination of carrot, beet, and cucumber juices.  I would alternate these juices, one combination one day, the other the next day."

I'm off to the grocery store & I think I just figured out a nice juice to drink while I make us a big salad.  (I'll wait an hour or so before eating after drinking this.)

What's for dinner at your house?

UPDATE:  Well maybe that juice and salad will happen tomorrow evening... tonight, we ended up having Spinach Dip and Hummus with sprouted grain tortillas and a lovely salad!  I made some mango & red pepper dressing (with water for texture, and salt to cut that sweetness down a notch)  It was real good, but my Steve is a die-hard Caesar dressing guy, so he went with that.  He did pose for a dinner photo.  Props for that! :)


Things that make me happy....

My beautiful friend, Wildhearted, just mailed me some gifts!!!  I love you, Wildy!  And I love them all very much, and if I *had* to pick a favorite, it would be the salt candle...LOVE THESE!!!

And one of the other things that makes me happy and that I am so grateful to have...

The beautiful soaps that my friend Mermie makes!
My most favorite of all is the coconut soap...I could just take a bite, it smells so great!

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