Friday, 8 January 2010

Kale Salad, Pesto Stuffed Veggies, Lemon Pudding, & Loose Pants

What a fantastic dinner we had tonight!  I made kale salad and pesto stuffed mushrooms.  With the left over pesto, I looked in the fridge to see what other veg I could first I thought of a tomato, then a pepper, then I thought I'd hollow out a zucchini and stuff it, then dehydrate it.  Then it dawned on me to just use a veg peeler on it, and spread pesto on the slices and roll it up, like a pinwheel.

This meal was labor-intensive, but I was in the mood for toolin' around in the kitchen, so it was good. A lot of fiddly mushrooms and hollowing them out, peeling and rolling zucchinis, a bit fussy... but worth it.  Also, I re-dehydrated what was left of the rawritos from the other day. 

And for dessert, we enjoyed lemon pudding. (More finicky stuff, getting seeds out of lemons.)  There's a bit where you use all the flesh of one lemon, but no seeds. I peeled a nice firm lemon and sectioned it, and I made my job easier by holding each slice up to the light, easily spotting the seeds inside, and just poking them out with a sharp knife tip. It worked great!  Here's a pic of the pudding... it looks more like butterscotch in color, but it has a fantastic lemony, refreshing flavor.

We love this stuff and actually crave it.  Steve reminds me of a little kid when he asks if we can have lemon pudding on the menu "soon".  Well tonight was the night, Baby.

It is now after 11 pm and I'm still nice and sated from our meal.  We both are!   It was scrumptious. Steve called the zucchini pesto 'rolls', "KILLER!" 

So get a load of my alfalfa crop!!  All this from a three-tiered Biosta sprouter.  They are divine, too. So fresh-tasting, it's unreal. They are now in a big glass jar in the fridge, ready for this week's meals, and I put a new seed mix in the sprouter...'Bean Salad' organic sprouting mix.  So in 4 days, we'll be enjoying sprouted azuki beans, mung beans, red radish seeds, and lentils.  I see really tasty wraps and salads in our near future.
We're both starting to really notice a bit of reshaping of our bodies.  I've been noticing that all my pants are roomier and more comfortable, and I'm starting to feel lighter, all around.  I am still having days with a lot of energy followed by days of unpluggedness, but Steve keeps assuring me that this is how I detoxed last time, so I'm just accepting the fact that I am zapped and giving myself permission to nap.  You know, as I typed that, I realize that I probably felt the same last time, but the reason it feels like unfamiliar territory is because I didn't let myself nap last time.  I'm a lot more gentle with myself nowadays.  I like that a lot.

So...onto (other) things that make me happy...

The blue vase has been in our family for eons, the perfume decanter is from my sons' father and I cherish it, and the Zinnia pic just makes me smile.  These three items sit on top of our medicine chest in our bathroom.

And this is Bed Rat.  Need I say more?

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