Monday, 1 October 2007

Rawkin' Rawktober!

Well yeeehaaaa, here we are, another spanky new month!

I'm giving myself a little exercise challenge this month...
I am committing to doing something physically active every day of the month.

jump on my rebounder
sit ups

I'm going to draw from this little list of light activity and get myself moving. 5 minutes or more, that's all... going to start small and manageable. It's 5 minutes or more that I'm not doing it's going to be an improvement.

I'm either all the way in, like jog to the gym, then have squash dates, or all the way out, my fingers getting a workout from typing. So I thought if I gave myself a challenge to do a little something every single day of ...wait for it... here it is again... RAWKtober, lol... then I'm ahead of the game.

...wanta join me?



Wow, I almost let the first day get away on me! I thought of it a couple times today, 'Geez, I'd better do something...' but each time, I put it off.

At 9:45 tonight, I thought about it again, and this time, I went and did something about it. I'd just been grocery shopping and had something to eat, so sit-ups were out of the question. It was pouring rain, so my rebounder out in the yard wasn't going to happen.

But I couldn't blow off Day One! Who would I be?

So I decided I walked the dog and the cat. (They both love it!)

Came back soaked, but happy.

I'll try to get busy earlier in the day but it was good to know I walked when I normally would have waved it off, you know, finally back home on a rainy night, who the hell wants to go back out...


UPDATE 2: (Oct.2)

Well at 9 a.m. I went out for a walk/jog in my neighbourhood! Yeehaaa! I'm all sweaty as I type this, sorry bad visual. ;)

I took my cell phone with me and rigged up the 'countdown timer' for 1 minute and I walked fast. It beeped, I re-set it for another minute, and ran for that one. I kept doing that until I walked 5 minutes and ran 5 minutes.

I feel so good that I did this, and I know it will get easier again in no time, as it always does.


UPDATE 3: (Oct.3)

So I set out to do a 20 minute powerwalk in the morning. Set my cell phone countdown timer for 10 minutes with the intention of walking away for that time period, then having no choice but to walk back 10 minutes. I ended up surprising myself by getting back near home and deciding to add yet another 10, just because I was out there goin' for it, so I ended up doing 30 minutes! GO ME! Once again, I learn that it's all about starting.

UPDATE 4: (Oct.4)

Well they say the road to hell is paved with good intentions.....alas, I did nothing even slightly athletically inclined today....back on the horse tomorrow, so to speak....

UPDATE 5: (Oct.5)

I had a couple ten minute walks today when I could fit them in, and feel back on track!

UPDATE 6: (Oct.6)
I had another day of just walking. But! It's better than nuttin'. Rainy Vancouver day and I got soaked (aaa-gain) but I'm glad I went.

UPDATE 7: (Oct.11)
Well, that went to hell! I ran, alright... I ran it right into the ditch! Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Well in all fairness to myself, I have been under the weather. And my dog ate my homework.
Today is a new day, though, and I'm takin' myself out for a walk! YOU doin'? :)


Toni Toni Toni said...

I'm totally with you on this. Since it's the 2nd of October, I'm going to have to use cheats for this one.

Yesterday, I walked up 5 flights of stairs to my man's apartment (for me, this is exercise) and I walked over an hour.

Today, I walked at least an hour. And I had of the horizontal kind. Does that count?

I'll report back to you!!

Rawkin' said...

YAY!!! I'm so glad you're going to join me on this, Toni! My sons laughed at me when one told the other, "In her blog, Mom was all, 'WHO'S with me!? and nobody answered, bahahaha!" We had a good laugh, but now they can EAT IT cause you're here!!

Besides my pride, I'm real happy you're on board! Yeah, 5 flights of stairs would count for me, especially if it led to indoor sports ;) You are rockin pretty hard, my Friend.

Do report back to me...and anyone else who still wants in... it is not too late at all, Rawkin' Rawktober is on all month!

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