Friday, 5 October 2007


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SOMEbody needs to invest in a good camera...but you get the picture...very happy birthday dinner :)

Goooooood Morning! It's my 44th birthday! I have never felt younger or better in my life! (cue birds twittering)

Back in May, I entered into this at a point where I never felt older or worse in my life.

What an exciting turnaround it's been!

I have come from a party lifestyle, didn't wait for guests, just cracked a beer, smoked some pot and either put off eating until I was famished then hoovered in some take-out, or ate like a broken machine all day.

My head was filled with thoughts of gloom and constant inner admonishment, whereas now, my head is filled with life and future plans.

I once read that the only sensible thing to do with all this extra raw energy is to open a business! That sticks in my head. I think often about having a shop with all my art: my original paintings for sale, and also products with my paintings on them, from journals to shower curtains, coffee cups to pillows.

Or maybe once we move out of the city, I'll have one of those 'Artisan' signs along the highway, and have my studio open to the public... ah it's good to dream and plan again. Such a contrast from this time last year. Focusing on live foods cleared room in my head to focus on living life!

Tonight, my boyfriend is taking me out for dinner to a beautiful, very zen, vegan organic restaurant called Dharma. We reserved the couches and coffee table in the back, with its red walls and candle light. Ah, just typing that gave me a deeper breath. I'm so looking forward to it.

Did I buy a new dress? No, I was only too happy to fit in my old favorite again, something that hasn't happened in a couple years. :) I did buy new shoes, shoes so sexy that I've only worn them to bed, haha...another benefit of this lifestyle is discovering feeling sexy again, something that definitely was on the back burner. Of someone else's stove, in another town.

Something to note is that with both my boyfriend and I taking good care of ourselves, we have a renewed energy towards each other. It's remarkable, after 14 years, to see him looking fitter and younger than ever, and to look into his eyes and see that they are clear and sparkling.

When we were hanging on so tightly to the party lifestyle, I don't even remember taking much time to look into his eyes. We were so edgy and pissy and unhappy. There has been a rebirth around here and with my birthday today, and his next Saturday, it feels so great to sit a moment today and take stock.

Part of taking stock is recognizing that this feeling of gratitude extends to you guys, for reading this blog and taking time to comment and really be with me on this trip! I so appreciate it! xoxo

Well, this is a mushy post, and that is how I'm feeling, mushy. And so blessed!

Oh maybe you're wondering what a raw foodist does for cake... I'm not sure, but what I'm going to do is unbake those amazing off the charts brownies! They are beyond delish! ;)
UPDATE: Dinner was divine! I ordered the avocado salad, as I did last time we went, as it's the only truly raw thing I could find...and it's stacked high on a platter so huge, that I couldn't finish this delicious creation and called for backup, aka Steve :)


Anonymous said...

This made me laugh and cry. Thinking of you two. Am truly so happy for you. Have a great dinner !!!
XOX Islanders

Wildhearted said...

Happy Birthday Dear Rawkin!

Hope your day is extra-special!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Sweetheart!!!!!
Lots of love to you this day, and EVERyday!

Dani xo

Rawkin' said...

Thank you for your love, Dani xoxoxo You KNOW it's backatcha!!

Carmella said...

Happy Birthday Beautiful!

What an incredible adventure for the both of you! Woo-Hoo!

Hey, you know, my sister just turned 45 yesterday too! Pretty darn close eh? ;-)

A great big raw hug to you, Rawkin!

Rawkin' said...

Thanks, Carmella :) How cool your sister and I share a birthday!
Thanks for the raw hug, I loved it! :)

Raw Vegan Mama said...

I missed it! :(

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! and, I must say, you are more gorgeous each picture you post. You look young -- early thirties at most -- and you look happy.

You inspire me. Thank you for such great posts! Oh, and thank you Rawkin's mama for having such a great daughter!

Happy early Bday to Mr. Rawkin'! :)

Love ya -- RVM

Rawkin' said...

Raw Vegan Mamaaaaaaaaaaa you blow me away with you love!!! You're such a lovely soul, so supportive! And you know how to make a girl blush. Wanta git married?! I'm sure Mr.Rawkin' won't mind :)
xo Rawkin'

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