Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Photo Update - October 16th

Me in my size 16 Calvin Kleins that used to be a tight squeeze!

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on a new size and healthy life :)
you're definetely an inspiration!

rose from chicago

Anonymous said...

Mornin Ms.Sweetie,

Love the jeans photo ! Want it to be me...
Read the spider story with great interest. Sorry it happened but all good to know.

Just sent your blog address off to my partners's cousin's ex-wife in L.A. ( Sharon: Does that make us once removed by divorce ? )

Will be calling or emailing soon. Coming out and up from a bog down, but your posts pull me thru. Love you lots, The Islander

Rawkin' said...

Mornin' Islander xoxo
The jeans photo was taken yesterday morning, when I grabbed them out of my drawer thinking they were my current jeans. My first clue that they were from 'ago' was that I pulled them up without undoing the zipper or button!

So I waded out into the livingroom and said, "Holy crap, Steve, lookit this!!" And we took pictures :)

Keep eating this way, Babe, and your body will re-shape and re-new itself! It happens without thinking, and without starvation, since it's all nutrient-dense foods. You and I are due for a good ol' Sally shop, no??

The spider saga, yeah, big learning there for me.

I'm so glad you get something out of the blog. I sure love knowing that you're doing this along with me.

When ya comin' over??

I look forward to saying hi to Sharon :)


Anonymous said...

Ain't shopping with you, you skinny bitch ... said with a heart full of love + a green modicum of jealously.

Seriously, yes, am overdue for walks on the seawall, laughing with you. Hopefully,late Novemberish. Off to To.month end for Milly's 90th BD party ...poster child for S.A.D.

Gone to walk in sunlight. XOX To You & Kin

The Islander

Rawkin' said...

BAAAAAAA-AHAHAHAHAAAA thanks for the laugh! I sure love you, M'am.

Re Millie, 90 and the poster child for S.A.D. I don't know why but that cracks me up. I mean, she made it this far, kinda blows this raw shit to hell...

Yes to the seawall! Yes to laughing our guts out! Yes to November! I really need a good visit with you!

Enjoy the sun...am off as well...

Anonymous said...

Poster child for S.A.D. Just good genes, but blind, deaf, diabetes, heart disease, frequent hospital stays, and 30 pills each and every day to stay alive. All that being said , still goes shopping !!! That, my friend is the true secret to life !

alissa said...

nice amp!

Rawkin' said...

Re Millie's 30 pill-a-day habit etc, wow that puts is square into perspective. Imagine instead being 90 and raw... like that Norman Walker dude...raw food pioneer...there are conflicting rumors as to his actual cause of death but my fave is the one that says he died in a surfing accident at 112. lol

Re AMP: Thanks!! It's Steve's. He actually just bought a new line 6 and is like a kid at Christmas with it. We're musicians, taking a break, but always pickin' tunes at home... :)

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