Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Old friend & Kelp Noodle Heaven

Ate so well today!  So proud of myself, under the circumstances... a visiting friend from Calgary.  Not just any friend, but my old "drinkin' buddy".  MAN it was good to see him again!  Mr. Bubbles!  Mr. Yum!!  Just a fabulous guy and both Steve and I adore him, but lost track when he moved away.  (Just add Facebook, and walla!)

 It was just a laugh riot hanging out with him tonight, and a couple of our other mutual pals!  We went to an open mic, which is where we all met 10 years ago, and it was just like old times...without the beer.  Well, at least for us.  Mr. McNugget was still chuggin' 'em back!  But hey!  Live and let live, I say! 

It was easy not to.  Drinking is so far removed now, that it doesn't even hit the radar, so big YAY on that one.  Back when I started this blog in June '07, I was about 3 weeks into having quit a nasty beer habit.  While my state of rawness has varied, my abstinence has not, and that is most key, in my opinion.  The 'fuel' is important as well, but easier to adjust, let's say.

So anyway, perfect night!  We sang on stage and took photographs (his camera...hope to get a couple shots...) and made plans to visit when we pass through Calgary on tour in May. 

Eating today... did really well, included juice and green smoothie, etc., and have decided to use one of my little dollar store note books as a food journal, just to keep accountable, and to see what all I'm throwin' down there.  Keeps me honest.  I want to get a clearer picture of my eating over time, as well.  It keeps me on track, and it keeps the hypochondria down to a dull roar until it disappears altogether.  I'm a strange duck with this weird-ass phobia, but it always disappears when I eat high-raw or all raw...and as "issues" go, I figure it could be worse.  I could be scared of kelp, or something.  Which would not have worked with tonight's dinner.

Love me a good segue...sorry about that one, though... :)

I made Kelp Noodle Heaven for dinner and it rocked!  I rinsed the kelp really well, then soaked it in hot (not boiling) water for about 15 minutes.  I dumped it all into the colander and rinsed it again, then soaked it again in hot water, this time adding a squeeze of lemon.  I had read that this softens the noodles, but honestly, besides the lovely ritual vibe that brought me, it seemed to make no difference...and I had it soaking for a couple hours.  Maybe I need a day...?  Honestly, I don't mind them at all with that cool texture and weird little crunch.  Anyway, just trying stuff.  We loved the dish the last time, and figured if something could even improve that, well cool, but in the end, it was just as fab as last time, but I wouldn't say improved.  Yum, though!!

Hope you had a fabulous day of great eatin'!!


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