Tuesday, 30 March 2010

I Ate An Entire Pineapple

I ate an entire pineapple for breakfast.  It was a small one, but still.  I don't even know what to make of it, myself.  I've heard of others doing it and I've almost done it before, but today was the day I went all out.  I didn't intend to, it just sorta happened.

It started when, instead of laying the pineapple on its side and cutting off the showy top then slicing it... I laid it on its side and cut off the showy top then stood it back up and took a large knife and carefully sliced all the skin off, downward.

Then I sliced all the pineapple away from the woody core, so I was left with long pineapple sticks. 

I put these in a plate, took out a fork, and sat down at my computer. 

I just adore pineapple, so it was wonderful, until I realized I'd eaten half of it so effortlessly.  I started to remember things I'd heard about pineapples...acidic therefore bad for tooth enamel... brush your teeth or at the very least, rinse your mouth soon after eating some...some folks get a itchy or burning mouth and/or tongue from eating it...some folks' lips swell up...some folks get the runs, etc.  All the fun stuff. 

So I put the fork down and decided to wait a while to make sure I was OK. 

After a while, probably 10 minutes, I started thinking of all the good stuff I'd heard about pineapples...bromelain...vitamin C...immune system superstar... and decided that I was fine, and finished the rest. 

It's now almost midnight and I'm still fine...yay.  I'm delighted to know that while I won't be making a habit of consuming entire pineapples in one sitting, that nothing bad happens if i do.

That's all!


Pineapple factoids


Christy said...

LOL I say good for you!!!

Lori said...

You did what your body wanted (or maybe mind) but at least it was just a pineapple... they're so good.



I didn't know there was a problem eating a whole pineapple...I've done it a ton of times before, but I do always brush my teeth after as soon as I can.

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