Tuesday, 30 March 2010

I Ate An Entire Pineapple

I ate an entire pineapple for breakfast.  It was a small one, but still.  I don't even know what to make of it, myself.  I've heard of others doing it and I've almost done it before, but today was the day I went all out.  I didn't intend to, it just sorta happened.

It started when, instead of laying the pineapple on its side and cutting off the showy top then slicing it... I laid it on its side and cut off the showy top then stood it back up and took a large knife and carefully sliced all the skin off, downward.

Then I sliced all the pineapple away from the woody core, so I was left with long pineapple sticks. 

I put these in a plate, took out a fork, and sat down at my computer. 

I just adore pineapple, so it was wonderful, until I realized I'd eaten half of it so effortlessly.  I started to remember things I'd heard about pineapples...acidic therefore bad for tooth enamel... brush your teeth or at the very least, rinse your mouth soon after eating some...some folks get a itchy or burning mouth and/or tongue from eating it...some folks' lips swell up...some folks get the runs, etc.  All the fun stuff. 

So I put the fork down and decided to wait a while to make sure I was OK. 

After a while, probably 10 minutes, I started thinking of all the good stuff I'd heard about pineapples...bromelain...vitamin C...immune system superstar... and decided that I was fine, and finished the rest. 

It's now almost midnight and I'm still fine...yay.  I'm delighted to know that while I won't be making a habit of consuming entire pineapples in one sitting, that nothing bad happens if i do.

That's all!


Pineapple factoids


Christy said...

LOL I say good for you!!!

Lori said...

You did what your body wanted (or maybe mind) but at least it was just a pineapple... they're so good.


Rawkin' said...

Hi Lori,

thanks for that perspective! You're right! And ya know, I never blogged about it when I ate entire chocolate bars the size of $5 bills!! haha!
Hey I went to your blog and clicked on a link where you are drinking a sweet smoothie your boyfriend made...and I have to comment on your skin!! GORGEOUS!!
Thanks for reading my blog,


I didn't know there was a problem eating a whole pineapple...I've done it a ton of times before, but I do always brush my teeth after as soon as I can.

Christine said...

Weird. I nearly did the same thing two nights ago. I was cutting the pineapple because it had a rotton spot on it and, while cutting, just starting popping pieces in my mouth. Pretty quick, I had eaten about 1/2 of the pineapple. I stopped but then ate the other 1/2 the next morning.

I think the acid burns come if you eat it a lot - like daily for a week or two. It happens to me with pineapple and tomatoes. But, seriously...pineapple is like candy so it is hard to stop! I'm going to get another this weekend! :-)


Rawkin' said...

Hi Christy,

LOL, thanks! I enjoyed it; nothing went awry...and I've almost done it again since ;)


Rawkin' said...

Hi Uncoveringtherealme,

LOVE your name!

That's good to know, that it's something folks "do"...lol. I rinse my teeth afterwards, too...and I notice that water tastes very different immediately afterwards. Do you notice that?


Rawkin' said...

Christine, sounds like the same experience alright! It IS like candy!! lol, hard to stop!!

So easy to eat 1/2 and I admire your restraint on the saving the other half. That's what happened the second time I 'almost' ate the whole thing...I ate it at night. But the first one was in the morning, and well, you know the rest... ;)

My bf's son's lips swell when he eats it, but he continues to on occasion, because he loves it so much. Powerful stuff!!


Antony Heaven said...

sounds delicious!

Rawkin' said...

Hi Antony,

It truly was! :)


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