Sunday, 28 March 2010

Garden of Eatin'

Here's what's going on for the last 5 days as I transition back into healthier eating after a (prior) week long binge of crap after a couple months of good eating.  Phew! 

I'm keeping a food journal and it's extremely helpful because I lose perspective a lot during these weird bouts of letting it all go and then trying to rein it all back in.  It affects my "thinking straight" because I go into a food induced fog during the time I'm indulging, then again when I detox from it.  Poison gets ya twice... on the way in and on the way out.

By keeping track in a food journal, I was able to see a couple patterns emerge.  For example, I have learned that bananas make me sleepy.  After a week's pattern of eating bananas then having to nap, I googled the possible connection and found this.  Mystery solved.  Bananas are out, unless I'm trying to get to sleep.

Here are my last 5 days of transitioning back in from the dark side.

Day 1:
2 bananas
cottage cheese (I know) with flax oil

1/2 litre carrot-orange juice

1:30 pm
few spoons of cottage cheese

2 pm
green smoothie, made with spinach, mixed greens, 1 banana, 2 apples, frozen blueberries,
flax oil & hemp hearts

3:30 pm

5 pm
raw chocolate ganache from Organic Lives raw restaurant

6 pm
kelp noodle heaven

Notes:  I haven't had cottage cheese in years and suddenly had a hankerin' as I was coming off SAD foods, so I indulged but then I noticed that the first tub of it was high in sodium, and found that cottage cheese generally is, so I adjusted that for the next shopping trip, but only slightly from 22% sodium to 18%, hardly worth eating the cottage cheese.  Then I went to a 1% and it's just bland as hell, so mercifully, cottage cheese has cancelled itself out for my diet.  But this is over a few days, as you'll see.

Day 2:

4 bananas

later a.m.
green lemonade, made with mixed greens, romaine, kale, apple, lemon

later a.m.
2 slices pineapple

lunch, around 2
leftover kelp noodles (bare) with red cabbage chopped in, and cold cooked salmon from a couple nights before

out, at Eternal Abundance where I ate a cooked vegan cabbage roll


later evening
home made raw brownie

Day 3
2 bananas
(nap, but had been up since 4 a.m.)
2 apples

large glass carrot-orange  (made with 8 carrots, 4 oranges, but found I could've used maybe one more orange, for taste...but still wonderful)

1:40 pm
1/2 avocado on Ezekiel sprouted grain bread
bowl of mixed greens, yellow pepper slices, 2 celery sticks, 1/2 cucumber, 1/2 avocado, 6 asparagus
and a raw brownie ;)

steamed salmon and veggies (yam, zucchini, asparagus, acorn squash)

Note:  Ate late, after 9 pm.  Don't do that.  It takes precious healing/restoration time that normally happens during sleep, and uses it for digestion instead.

Day 4
  • Note to self in journal:  gig at the Main tonight - danger danger lamb dinner, my favorite...what to do instead??? how to avoid it???
a.m upon rising
  • hot water with lemon
  • Louise Hay affirmations  1 2 3 ... if you are at work ;) please note that these links have music
  • took the used lemon half and cleaned some spots of my tile counter with it, and it works, just like I read it would.
  • things feel like they are shifting slightly, THANK YOU
  • water
  • 1 orange
  • 2 bananas
  • (nap!)  Ok bananas cause me fatigue

NOTE: this is where I strung it together and googled and found my answer.

Lunch 12:30

1% cottage cheese and flax oil
cold cooked salmon from last night
salad of mixed greens, cucumber, yellow pepper, garlic oil & vinegar

3:30 pm
3 apples

5 pm
raw brownie

at the gig:
I did it!  I just didn't order the lamb! 
dinner:  mixed green salad
throughout the evening:  4 soda waters with lime

when I got home
1 apple

NOTE:  I lay in bed with major palpitations and realized that soda water is also full of sodium...must google connection...

Day 5
in the recording studio all day, so I packed two thermoses (thermi?) of freshly made juice

thermos of green lemonade (ingredients as above)

later a.m.
thermos of carrot-orange juice (ingredients as above, with that extra orange!)

lunch at Organic Lives raw food restaurant...yeah...talked the whole crew into raw pizza!  Got many funny looks...until their first bite...then it was lots of OMGs! :)
2 raw pizza slices
1 raw chocolate ganache


later evening

Then today is Day 6 and so far I've had a giant green smoothie with pulp left from carrot-orange juice, 2 apples, frozen blueberries, celery, spinach, mixed greens, flax oil.  Not sweet enough (missing banana!) so i added 3 little dates.  Was pretty good.



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