Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Food Processor Vision Board

Dinner tonight was Gabriel Cousens' raw chili and Chad Sarno's kale salad.  Delish!!  Together, they make for a wonderful meal.  About 45 minutes after dinner, I went back into the fridge and polished off the rest of that delicious kale salad...not because I was hungry, but because I couldn't get the flavors out of my mind.

Using some 'As seen on TV' slicer I found in the thrift store a couple years ago, I sliced the carrots, red peppers, and celery for the chili *paper thin*.  It was a wise thing to do, because we were so hungry and didn't want to have to wait to dehydrate it.  It was just fine!  All the flavors were there and we love this chili.  

The 'As seen on TV' slicer is a tad scary, though.  That thing, while functional, is just waiting for a sacrificial finger.  Not a safe slicer at all!!!!  Don't try this at home.  I remembered, with one near miss after another, why I gave up on it and stuffed it in the back of my cupboard.

All this whining is coming to a point:  it comes down to needing a new food processor.  I know, I know...I have two.  But get this...they're both hooped!  I can only get one to work at all, and the only has the 'S' blade. (WHEN is garbage day?)

I want one of those big, gorgeous Cuisinarts or KitchenAids.   I'm done with messing around.  Any reviews on either of these?  I want a lot of cuppage.  Like, between 10 & 14.

I'm gonna do a Food Processor Vision Board (lmao) and set about MANIFESTING.  I'll keep ya posted.


Drank more water today, went for a walk, had an EFT session in my *new office*...how cool is that??

All in all, a good day!



Toni said...

So, I just found you again! (This is kamper). I work in a place that sells kitchen equipment and you HAVE to get the new Cuisinart Elite. It has 14-cup, 11-cup, and 4 1/2c bowls included that nest. It has seal tight technology and a blade lock so that when you tip it to get the stuff out the blade doesn't come flying out. I'm drooling over it here in the store!


Hope you're well!!!

Rawkin' said...

Toni!! How the heck are ya girl?? AWESOME that you are back in my life, thank you for looking me up. And thank you for hooking me up...that Cuisinart Elite looks wonderful...just the kinda thing I'm looking for. Thank you for the solid recommendation. I'll go look at them on the weekend.

Stay in my life, wouldja??


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