Saturday, 6 February 2010

Food Fugue

Fugue: a period during which a person suffers from loss of memory, often begins a new life, and, upon recovery, remembers nothing of the amnesic phase.

What a night! 

We went out to dinner with our dear friend, Debra. We met at Radha Yoga & Eatery, a beautiful, warm, zen environment. Hardwood floors and exposed brick walls, they hold yoga classes by day and dinner Wed-Sat, boasting a sumptuous vegan menu with select raw items.   Deb had nori roll appetizers, and Steve had the salad trio, a wonderful array of kale salad, beet and carrot slaw, and darned if I can remember the other one.    He loved it, though.  Too bad my camera only came out when our main meal arrived. We all ordered zugetti with pesto, (pictured above, click to enlarge) and we were delighted with its varied flavors and beautiful presentation.  It was stacked high on the plate, which was totally lost on Steve, who promptly flattened it and dug in!  haha!

This is beautiful Debra, with her first-ever raw food meal, Pesto Zugetti!   (Made with a Zugenator, right Deb?  ;)  this is what she called  the spiralizer when she couldn't think of the name.  Cracked. Me. UP!!

Deb has been doing yoga at Radha and it's paying off, I tell ya.  There was this woman at the next table, who let her exuberant, screaming little girl run amok until I couldn't hear our conversation, and I have a fuse about *this* big for that sort of stuff (*pinch your thumb and index finger together until they are both turning white) and I said, "That is starting to make me angry!" and Deb said softly, "Oh don't be angry..."

At the time I thought, "I can't help it...make that awful little kid go away" but now I feel inspired by her approach.  I mean, isn't that what we all aspire to?  To be fine in all our moments?  At peace in all situations?  I'll get there.  (and I generally like children, just not running loose and screaming on my date night.)

Anyway, it took longer to write about it than the fleeting moment itself took, and we had easy conversation about all sorts of things.  It just flowed and the time flew at Radha.

It was soon time for dessert, and while we could have stayed put and enjoyed the vast array of sweet things, Steve and I were eager to introduce Deb to the wonder that is Organic Lives, the new raw restaurant I mentioned last week.  I couldn't wait to have some of that "Ridiculous" ganache, the world's most intense chocolate experience.  (I renamed it "Insane!")

So off we went, just a short drive to Organic Lives.  Brightly lit, it's a very different vibe than Radha, with its white, minimalist decor and mile-high ceiling. We were warmly greeted by the owner, Preet, who, in just four visits feels like an old pal! 

Without having to consult a menu, we ordered the ganache, and it was every bit the chocolate orgasm I remembered it to be.  OMG so freakin' good.  I have the appetite of a horse, and just inhaled mine, and I just stared at Deb in wonder, how she could go slowly, and then actually save some for later (though Steve put a stop to that in one fell swoop! lol!)

He ordered another wedge of something that looked amazing and chocolaty, but I didn't pay much attention, as I was busy doing a line of ganache.

Then Preet comes out with yet another, huge wedge of strawberry shortcake!

Oh man!  Deb and Steve went for it, but I was still puckered from the ganache so I didn't partake. ;)

It got really hardcore when Deb mixed some of the ganache with the shortcake and loved that even more!  We had a bunch of laughs; it was just so much fun!

Would ya look at these two!  haha!

So let's recap a moment, shall we?  Here's a small list of the foods consumed thus far at our feeding frenzy, I mean 'dinner':
nori rolls, salads (3), pesto zugetti...then on to the next restaurant (cuz one is just not enough!) and there was a dessert orgy, consisting of: ganache, along with another chocolate pie (can't remember the name), and because that somehow wasn't enough, some strawberry shortcake!!

Stop the insanity! 

Actually, not yet.  We still have to order more dinner!

I don't know which one of us thought it was a good idea, but we all agreed, and ordered a platter of nachos!  Yay!!  SO delicious!

You know, when the Mr. Creosote jokes come out, you'd think it's time to slow down. 

But not this merry band of bottomless pits!  No Sir!!! 

Much to our delight, Debra's friend Robin joined us. It's so much fun to introduce raw to virgin palates!  It called for another course, of course!
Preet came out with a sampler of olives, and I was only too glad, because olives are crack to me.  Lucky me, Steve hates them, so I got his, too.

I wish I could say we ordered the pizza because our new pal Robin was really hungry, but nope...we just wanted to try it allllll!

I don't know where we put it all, but it did make me think of the "hollow leg" comment.  Deb, Robin, and I 'sampled', while Steve 'scarfed' and Deb decided Steve must have a hump, like a camel, where he stores it all.  (We would finish yet another course, and, not to throw him under the bus or anything, but Steve would be jonesin' for another look at the menu, and well, it was all a blur from there.)

It was such a pleasure with Debra, too, because she was so open, eager, and excited about raw cuisine and all its amazing flavors.  Such a joy to share the groovy raw vibe!

A nice lady at a neighboring table took a photo of us, now with Robin at our table.  We're all about to dig into our pizza.  Amazing we had room.  Thank god for humps and hollow legs.

We did save two of the slices for Preet, who joined us at our table after a while.  The man works so hard, he has to make a concerted effort to sit down to eat in his own restaurant.

Great food, even greater company, lots of laughs and friendships old and new, this night was the stuff of magic! 


radha yoga & eatery is located at: 728 Main Street Vancouver, BC 604.605.0011

organic lives is located at: 1829 Quebec Street at 2nd Ave., Vancouver, BC 778.588.7777


Audrey said...

Hi! I just wanted to let you know of a giveaway I am having on my site for Glass Dharma straws. They are beautiful glass straws that are so fun in green smoothies, juices, or even just lemon water. Perhaps your readers would be interested?

Here is the link to the giveaway:

Thanks! : )


Divine said...

Hi Lucie,

yes I must admitt the raw eating extravaganza will go down in my book of best eating adventures. Wow you and Steve really know how to show a girl a raw of a time. By the way the 2nd mystery dessert was raw chocolate cheese cake divine. And remember Robin also brought to the table the live coconut water that we chugged back too! Yes I am inspired Raw and am looking forward to our next raw adventures!!

Hugs from Debra

Rawkin' said...

Hi Audrey, I wouldn't normally do this, but those are way cool!

Rawkin' said...

Divine, Dahlink!!

That was truly a fabu night!! I am so looking forward to more raw adventures with you! Sounds kinky, don't it?? :)

Ah, thanks for the name of that mystery dessert.

Do you know I've gone back twice for ganache??

Love you, Divine Rawker!!


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