Tuesday, 16 February 2010

chattin' ya up :)

Wow, I just looked at the date of my last post, and it was Feb 6 and now it's the 16th.  Wth??  Been busy out in my life!

I had to learn 4 new songs in a week and I was just writing to a friend that I do believe my Brain On helped tremendously.  I got the songs Monday and I sang them on stage Friday night.  That is unheard of for me, being stage-ready in that short time.  So, something must be working.

Steve and I have decided to up our juicing habit quite a lot, buying more trays of wheatgrass, and buying bulk veggies.  So in the next week, the plan is to have lots of juices and smoothies, more than usual.  We need the boost to stay raw.  With all the raw foods out there, I've been bored with eating raw lately, and I can hardly get a salad down.  I just don't find it appetizing at all these days.  That is not how I usually am, and as a result, the last couple meals have been less than stellar.  So it's time to pull back the reins again.

On Valentine's Day, we went for a wonderful Harley ride, all over the city, and ended up at Organic Lives for a slice of that amazing raw chocolate ganache, oh mama.  SO good, it's unreal.

Other than that, been  rehearsing our band, and currently, we are delighted to have our friend Greg in town from Minnesota for a week.  We enjoyed the evening together, and will be getting together to pick some tunes and possibly record later in the week.  Really looking forward to that!

Tomorrow night we are going to see Justin Townes Earle in concert, and I'm really excited about it!  JT Earle is a great songwriter and entertainer, but I'm stoked mostly because we're going with a few really good friends and it'll be so much fun!

Oh, and a funny thing... the other day, Steve and I were standing in front of our tv in the bedroom, an old thing that has had an amber tinge to it for a few months, and was on its way out, when I said, "Man, this thing is not looking good..."  and suddenly the screen went black and it died before our eyes!  hahaha!  So the next day we got a little flat screen and mounted it on the wall at the foot of our bed!  Luxury! That's been taking up some of my precious time, watching shows in colors other than amber.

These are the good ol' days!!


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