Thursday, 4 February 2010

Detox Interruptus

I've had a pretty sleepy few weeks, maybe three.  Just really low-key, energy-wise.  I've been treating it like detox, just going with it, accepting it, continuing with my raw foods.  Not fighting sleep, even if it comes in the middle of the day (a big one for me.  My busy Mother did not raise me to nap in broad daylight!)  

As this has been going on a while, I wasn't prepared for yesterday's full-on detox day!  Drained, unplugged, sleepy, just downright lethargic, like I had a big, wet, gray blanket on me. The lethargy was in my mind, too. I felt depressed, and just couldn't work up a good thought.

I'd forgotten what this feels like, when you just can't summon the inner energy (the innergy) to give a shit.  I lived like that, on and off, for years, (just look at my before picture) and honestly had forgotten about this part of myself, and the way depression feels.

Perspective seems to be the first thing to go.  I said to Steve, "I don't know, Man, this isn't good.  I'm not ok..."  and he reassured me that it was part of the detox, but I was having a hard time seeing it that way, because it felt like everything was really wrong, and it would stay that way.

Fortunately, my terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day was just that: a day. 

This morning, I felt better without expecting to, and was cautiously hopeful that "it" was gone.

I took the dog out for her morning routine ;) and made myself a ginger tea.  A bit later, I made my green smoothie, and when I added in my Brain On, I suddenly remembered reading about a possible detox reaction in the first week.  I hadn't expected it, since my first day on it was wonderfully energetic.  Come to think of it, the next day, not so much, and the third day, well, you just read about it.

So, drinking my smoothie, I went looking online where I'd read that, and lo and behold, there was my answer.

Possible Detox Symptoms:
E3live contains 3-5 times more chlorophyll than any other green product. It is normal when you first start taking E3Live™ to have detoxification symptoms, which may include a slight headache and feeling more tired. Some other detoxification symptoms include clogged sinus, constipation, diarrhea, fever, flu/cold symptoms, gas, irritability, moodiness, skin rash and stomachache. These symptoms are your body's way of releasing toxins from your body. It is important to drink plenty of water throughout the day to help flush out any toxins. Our suggested amount to drink of E3Live™ when first starting out is 1 tsp, but for some people they may need to start out with less. Let your body be a guide in how much to take.  (Rawkin' note:  here's the rest of the article.)

This makes me deeper in love with Brain On, because I feel what a deep clean it's giving me! :)  I'm going to continue with it, with pleasure.  I'm the type who's fine with just about anything, as long as I know wth is going on!  Otherwise, I can go to the dark side with my imagination. 

While reading this did bring me some much-needed perspective, it wasn't the only reason I felt better today.  My energy came back.  And it brought friends.  I did more today than I have in ages.  

I had an uncooking day!  You couldn't have paid me to do this yesterday, but today, one recipe led to another and another and another and yet if I were making up for lost time.

The dehydrator is humming as I type this.  


I've got three trays of Rawritos, two trays of Kale Chips, a tray of Carrot Bread, 4 Sunflower Burgers that I made up on the fly, and 2 Jalapeno Burgers.  Wow, right?  :)  And I thought the fog would never lift.

I'm thinking a big ol' salad, some kale chips and the jalapeno burgers for dins!

What's for dinner at your house, Rawkers?



Amy Bass said...

Those look like some very interesting foods you came up with. How did everyone like them? I'm interested to know :)

Rawkin' said...

Hi Amy,

Let's see... the kale chips and rawritos are always a smash hit around here, and they're both half gone! They are addictive!!

The carrot bread has been a perfect breakfast bread this morning.

The burgers will have to wait until dinner tonight because we were content grazing on the chips along with a salad, so I took them out before they were 'done'. I'll pop them back in the dehydrator a couple hours before dinner.

Am going to spend today feasting on greens and drinking water, though, to counter act all that dehydrated stuff!

Thanks for reading my blog :)


Mermie said...

I love and miss you.
i need to make me some kale chips.

Rawkin' said...

Mermie Darling,

Backatcha. Wanta regroup on the board? I'm ready.


Christine said...

Do you have a recipe post for the jalapeno burgers? I'm intrigued!

Rawkin' said...

Hi Christine,

I don't have a recipe post for the jalapeno burgers because they were only so-so. The recipes I list are only for things that were over-the-top wonderful (well, to my taste, anyway! ;) I will make them again. I screwed up with using onion salt because I was out of onions and I think that made them less than wonderful.

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