Thursday, 19 February 2009

These jalapeno crackers were a big hit! We ate them with raw salsa...just divine!
It was all I could do to get this photo...4 dehydrator trays were gone so fast. I just suddenly went, "Oh shit!! I've gotta take a picture!!" haha. I'll make these again, but I will use more jalapeno, and will crisp them up longer. But MAN, they pretty much rawked!

And this is my corriander green cupboard. It was dirty-white yesterday. After the weekend, my tilesetter boyfriend is going to slap a bunch of tile on the counter part. I *think* that's what I want. ;)

Today is 'organize the kitchen' day here at my house. More to the point, get rid of the messy spice packets and pour everything into little bottles with shaker tops and labels. I know this sounds pretty basic, and I used to have it like that, but now it's somehow back to paprika spillage all the time.

I ate all raw yesterday, and bought some gorgeous tangelos at the organic market. They are sooo sour and perfect! My boyfriend hates them sour! More for me, yay! I love these because their big nipples make them easy to peel:
Enjoy your day, Rawkers!

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