Thursday, 26 February 2009

Rawk on!

my pineapple on a plate I hand-painted years ago

So it's somewhere between 4:30 and 5 in the morning and I'm up and at'em. I'm not at all bleary...just ready for my day! (wtf?)

Aside from my cup of acai tea, I ate all raw yesterday... lesseeee I had a little plate of pineapple, then later in the morning, my green smoothie... it was a goodie, too... it had dino kale, romaine, spinach, dandelion, apple, banana, and blueberries. The supplements were chia, spirulina, Udo's 369, aloe, and hemp seeds. Party's ON!!

A note about chia in a smoothie:
I take a good tablespoon of chia seeds and soak 'em until they go from hard little granules to an almost bubble tea/tapioca kind of gel. Not a texture I personally find appetizing, but thrown in a smoothie, you skip right past the texture and go straight to the fabulous benefits of chia.

Here's a photo I took to give you an idea of the consistency. I could have posed that spoon like that for a long time without the chia dripping off, put it that way. (I hope this doesn't put you off!) haha

Didn't even need yunch, as my little friend used to call lunch when she was 4...we're all 4 around here and it stuck. Anyway, the pineapple and smoothie packed so much punch that it sustained me late into the afternoon, after 3... then I grazed in the fridge... a couple spoons of some delicious unpasteurized sauerkraut (holy spell check, batman), and a slice of raw carrot bread. Dayum, that stuff is good.

For dinner I went to the raw Truffle Cafe and ate a fabulous beet burger with salad, and a couple raw chocolate balls for dessert. Oh man that was such a yummy meal!

So it looks like I'm going to take Alissa Cohen's 'Living On Live - Raw Food Chef Certification' level 1 on Sunday. Yeehaaa! I'm looking forward to it :) I was buying nama shoyu in a local shop and got chatting with the lady there about raw products and next thing ya know, I'm leaving with a little card in my hand with info on it. As it turns out, the store manager teaches the course, so I looked into it and figured it was good timing for the sense of further raw education, as well as accountability! I'll tell ya how THAT goes!

Have a rawkin' day!

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