Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Energy to Burn...

Took my young man bowling the other day, and had a riot!! We pretty much had the place to ourselves, which was nothing short of awesome. Both of us have a tendency to act the fool, so it was right up our alley...oooh a pun.

We had gone to Deer Lake to rent a boat to row around in, but were stunned and amazed to see the ducks and geese walking ON the water.... yep, it was frozen. The rest of our city has thawed and spring is in the air, but not in this shady spot. It cracked us up big time!! So plan b was bowling and it turned out GREAT! My morning smoothie took me into late afternoon without hunger pangs, which was good.

At dinner I went to Eternal Abundance on Commercial Drive and ate in the back at the Truffle Cafe. Best salad in town, this place. The Truffle is a mostly raw cafe and the one thing cooked that I enjoy is the 'green soup', with broccoli, kale, and chard. It is sooooo tasty. That and a salad, and I'm good to go. (the yellow sticks that look like cheese are actually yellow beet...mmmmm)

And today, I got up and made Jalapeno Corn Tortilla crackers. They're hummin' away in the dehydrator as I type. I can hardly hear the hum over the opera I've got blaring. For a girl whose only opera exposure (until recently) was the Bugs Bunny cartoons, I've turned into an opera fan kinda overnight. It was brewing for years, but now that I've had a taste of a real opera, I am sofa king hooked!! So between the wild arias, my cat meowing along, the food processor, and now the dehydrator, it feels alive around here today!!

Here's a photo of the crackers in progress. Ya score them into crackers after ya flip 'em off the teflex sheet on 'hour 6'. SO......1 hour down, 13 to go... they should be ready by midnight...hahahaha am I the only one who thinks this is hilarious? :D

Oh yeah...not to mention, my living room is upside down because of a fit of feng shui and the subsequent declutter. Well, I'm in the clutter part of de-clutter, as usual. But today I'm not kidding, it's a bloody mess. Wanta seeee? Might make ya feel better about yourself!! ;)

I know, right? :) All that shit came out of this one cupboard, (well, except the plant). I'm going to paint mr.cupboard 'coriander green' today.

So now you have the 'before' shots of my crackers, my living room, and my cupboard... and I'll give you the 'afters' tomorrow or maybe even later today, depending on my ambition/burn-out!

Raw Powahhhhhhhhhh....

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