Sunday, 22 February 2009

How Many Meals To Good (or Bad) Health?

This article was written by Mark Idzik, and is just what I needed to read, after eating a SAD (but delicious, dang it!) meal at my step-sons' home tonight! I went with the flow and ate what was served rather than risk being a 'bad guest'. It was their first time inviting us Geezers over, so I didn't want to be a pain... I know, I know... but tomorrow is a brand new day!!!

Without further ado...


How Many Meals To Good (or Bad) Health?

To most people, eating an occasional fast food meal or drinking a soda once in a while is acceptable. Even eating out regularly would be considered healthy to most.

But how many meals does it take to lead you to good as well as bad health?

How many meals would you have to eat before you would get on the road to better health or on the path to poor health?

Well, a review of dietary research published recently in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology now has the answer.


Just one meal can either bring us closer to health, or further away from it.

This is groundbreaking since never before has there been research to backup the effects of just one meal. Your health is literally determined by your last meal. What did you last eat?

We’ve know for decades the effects of eating poorly over long periods of time, but this research explains why just one meal makes a difference.

You see, just as long term poor eating habits clog arteries and increase risk of heart attacks and strokes, there are short term effects as well.

Once you eat that one fast food meal, that one processed (anything in a wrapper or box) food item, drink that one soda, it sets off a chain reaction in your body. Tissue becomes inflamed (just as if it was infected), blood vessels constrict, free radicals that are know to cause cell damage, contributing to aging and chronic disease are generated. The body is now under stress and the response has an effect on blood pressure, raising it above normal. The spike and then drop in insulin levels not only leaves you feeling lethargic within hours, but also leaves you hungry as well.

All these happen within minutes and hours of eating anything other than primarily natural, whole foods.

And here’s where it gets interesting.

Most people trying to switch from ‘S.A.D’ (standard american diet) of processed foods will feel unsatisfied at first when trying to start eating more healthy meals. That’s in part because of the insulin effect that leaves you hungry in a short period after eating. Additionally, sugary and fatty foods promote excretion of the stress hormone cortisol, which shows to stimulate your appetite for more ‘calorie-dense’ foods. The spikes in blood sugar after these meals are also more likely to occur in people who aren’t active and don’t exercise or anyone that carries excess weight in their stomach area.

So it’s often a vicious circle for those wanting to modify their eating habits to healthier alternatives. The more fatty, sugary, fast, junk and processed food you eat (even once), the harder it becomes to stop. And the less active you are, the more the unhealthy food affects you.

What’s the best way to break this circle of addiction?

First, avoid fast, junk and processed foods completely. The less you eat them, the less the vicious circle will affect you.

Next, eat a diet compromised 70-80% of fresh, natural and organic fruits, vegetables, nuts, seed and grains. A small portion of steamed vegetables is good as well.

Drink water and eliminate all other drinks with the exception of fresh squeezed juices and occasional herb teas.

Stay active, walk or bike instead of driving when you can. Take 15-30 minutes daily to exercise at home.

By following these tips you’ll see results within days if not sooner.

The good news is that just one healthy meal of fresh fruits or vegetables can bring you closer to better health. And knowing that, what will you plan to eat next?

To your best health!


Anonymous said...

thanks for this angel ... i really needed to read it!! have to make a turning point for me again ... and really purify my diet - have been quite off the rails for a while, indulging in SAD - and not things like steamed veges either! definitely an addiction to carbs/fat/sugar that i need to just put a stop to. sg

Rawkin' said...

Oh my beautiful friend, I so understand. It happens to us all. Come back to the light side, Baby. I've been sneaking in the odd and not so odd indulgence as well, and this article really helps me make a firm decision. I've got carrot bread dehydrating right now, and I just made some eggless egg salad, a fave around here. I was going to go out to an afternoon matinee (I'm dating myself, literally) and thought, well there goes dinner and we all know that prep is everything in raw. So I stayed home and am uncooking instead. Big hug and lots of love and buckets of deep understanding to you, SG.


Anonymous said...

Hi Rawkin, welcome back. Glad you're feeling better. I discovered your blog last summer, and started drinking green smoothies, inspired, in part, by your journey.

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