Friday, 3 October 2008

Progress Report

Well ya know what? I'm starting to notice a glow in my complexion after several days of Green Lemonade mornings and Green Smoothie afternoons. :) (See photo, above) Just kidding, that's my dog Gracie, snoozing contentedly. I think her expression matches my progress report. :)

I felt lighter today, too.

Mid-day I have either salad, or an avocado sandwich on sprouted grain.

I love jazzing these up with spinach, red pepper flakes,tomato,etc. Yum!

And I really can't say enough about Green Lemonade and Green Smoothies and I recommend working your way up to both in a day. Start with one or the other. You don't want to 'poughkeepsie' like Charlotte in Mexico (Sex & the City.)

The days are definitely getting easier and it's mindless to stay raw. It's not that I ever cooked during the days, even when eating SAD (Standard American Diet) it's more that I was being unconscious about it. Not thinking of eating all day, then pigging out at night.

For me, letting the raw lifestyle get 'sloppy' and slip away really is about getting unconscious again; going back to sleep. Though I just read somewhere about the raw diet being idealistic rather than realistic, at least long-term. Well, maybe; I prefer to think of the detours and slips as part of the journey. I mean, here and there, not all the way to junk back to all the way raw.

Eventually, your times 'off the path' get shorter as you experience more contrast. The biggest thing I notice about SAD is the lack of energy and fatigue by 3pm. With raw, I'm up dawn to dusk, with an even, abundant amount of energy, it's unreal. I can't wait! I am heading towards having that sparkling, child-like energy again!!!

I am also heading towards calming 'monkey mind' about my hypochondria. Yep, it's back. It had shut right up when I was high raw and 100% raw. Knowing more than I ever have about health, nutrition, and natural hygiene, it has been impossible to quell this nagging voice in my head. Knowing that food is the cure, has made this foray back into SAD rather pointed and painful. And, thankfully, brief and medically uneventful. Just a heads up; a kick in the pants.

All that said, for the past month, I've been transitioning beautifully, with my best efforts this past week. I'm making a practice of mindful eating, and feel like I'm at the wheel again. And what woman wouldn't be motivated by this: it's starting to pay off.


Wildhearted said...

Gracie is TOO MUCH!

Welcome back to raw! I'm getting there again, too.

Anonymous said...


XOX Islander

Rawkin' said...

Thank ya, Islander!! xoxoxoxoxo

Happy Bday to you on the 8th :)


Aurora said...

"The biggest thing about SAD that I notice is the lack of energy and fatigue by 3 pm." You said a mouthful there, Rawkin'! With a 30 page thesis and an 18 page literature review due in the next 2 weeks, my little old monkey mind better keep that within clear blue view... 3 pm is the "magic time" that I usually head out of my job teaching kindergarten, pick up my 6 year old and head home, only to get to "work" again.... staying raw may mean the difference between graduate school graduation and... *not*

Kombucha is better than beer, any ole day. Love to you!


PS Thanks for letting me rant ; )

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