Friday, 31 October 2008

Day 11 of 98% Raw

First off, Happy Hallow'een! This photo was sent to me in an email and it makes me laugh.

I'm a health nut these days (again!) and I'm so thankful that the shoe finally dropped. All that fence-sitting was starting to hurt (and to show). I gained back some weight and I could see the inflammation return to my face, easily seen in the puffiness of the nasal labial fold. (That line or groove from the corners of your nose to the corners of your mouth.) When I'm raw, the plumpness of this area goes down and it becomes less pronounced (less inflamed).

So Day 11 brings this progress. :) That, and my pants fit better, looser. I'm a notch down on my belt, and my skin glows to the point of people commenting on how well I look.

This means a lot to the hypochondriac in me. Come to think of it, my health anxiety is calming down now that I'm eating raw, because I know I'm building health.

My energy is pretty good, but not like it will be. :) This time last year, I was unstoppable. The energy and bright outlook are my favorite aspects of being raw. I'm heading in that direction, and that alone feels wonderful and hopeful. That's the feature difference in eating a SAD diet and eating a RAW diet. With SAD, I have thoughts and feelings of guilt, and fear at what I'm doing to myself. Maybe it's being 45, but all those media-driven campaigns make a girl paranoid. But back to RAW, I feel that by eating this way, and having the subsequent, inevitable changes bloom in the rest of my life as a result, I feel much more in charge of my health and myself, rather than a victim of modern society's cautionary tales and fear-mongering that we're bombarded with.

Food and lifestyle are the cure.

Here's a general look at my eating lately.

dandelion tea, nettle tea
green lemonade (1 head lettuce, lg handful leaves like kale, spinach, collards, chard...alone or mixed...1 whole lemon, 2 apples)
green smoothie (lg handful romaine, lg handful kale or spinach, 1 apple, 1 banana, goji berries, blueberries)
spinach, romaine, and red chard salad with tomatoes and cucumbers
walnuts, pine nuts, cashews
apple cider vinegar
flax crackers
maca, spirulina, flax oil
all varieties of fruit and vegetables

So far, I'm noticing that my sleep/wake hours are changing. I'm getting up way earlier, good to go. But I'm having detox-y dreams, full of anger and extreme drama.

The biggest thing, though, is the settling down of my dark side. Well, I'm keeping SOME ;) but releasing the unhealthy fears.

Raw rocks so hard!!

Oh my gawd, I forgot to mention a couple biggies.

In the past few months, I was getting too cozy with those giant sized Green & Black's almond chocolate bars, snarfing them down like a machine. While I'll never profess to being sick of those, I did suddenly decide to stop the insanity. So I tossed them in the 'good ol' days graveyard' where they sit amongst the beer, the pot, and the fast food.

Something must have happened to my palate, as I then did the truly unthinkable. I dumped all coffee, even decaf!!!

And I'm just fine!

Having a cold last week was a 'good' start. My throat was so sore, coffee didn't sound desirable at all, so I went a few days without it and didn't miss it, and then when I was feeling better, I thought, Wow, might as well keep going...

So here I am, keeping going :)

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