Friday, 24 October 2008

I am as mad as a wet hen!!!!

I'm a grown woman. I know my body, and I know myself. I am a firm believer that we are our own experts.

Why, then, WHY does my doctor's office call to get ME to go in to see the doctor? Is it patient recruitment??

I have told these buggers repeatedly that when I need to see a doctor, I will book in. I'm a big *&*&$ girl.

I've told them over and freakin' over to not phone me to tell me it's TIME to come in. (Let's keep that 'patient mentality' going, people. Let's keep up the notion that they know me better than I know myself.)

I've told them not to phone me. I've told them to make a note on my chart and on the computer to not phone me.

Well again, they phone me today. Dr. Wanker (kidding) wants you to come in to.....

I said, 'Does Dr. Wanker have time today, then?'

"Well, no...."

I said, 'Well then, I'll call in when I feel the need for an appointment.'

"Well, Dr. Wanker..."

I said, 'Ya know, I've asked you guys to not call me, and...'

She said, "Well, when the doctor asks us to, it overrides a patient's requests."

I said, "Well, that's just RUDE! I'm NOT coming in."

Fuck this, ya know. It's not like I'm under a doctor's care for anything. I haven't had to see a doctor for over a year for anything other than driving myelf to emerg when I steam-burned my arm. And THAT dr.Wanker wanted to give me a tetanus shot!! Just cause! I got the hell outta there.

HONESTLY, people.


I'm so pissed.

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