Thursday, 3 January 2008

Raw Mondays

Every Monday, starting February 4th, will be all RAW.

Join us as we prep for this day. You have 10 days to figure out what, exactly, constitutes RAW.

I'm talkin' all raw. For one day a week, Mondays, if you normally drink coffee or tea, the idea is not to on Raw Mondays.

No soy milk, no oatmeal, no eggs, no soups, etc.

Breakfast will be fruit in all its forms... lots of it, as much as you want, all morning. (Careful, raw newbies, or we'll have to call the next day Flush Tuesday.) Green smoothies, bowls of fruit, a couple bananas, whatever winds your clock.

Afternoons will be lush and gorgeous salads, raw nut butters, chard wraps, etc.

Dinner will be giant salads made in silver mixing bowls, sprouted chickpea hummus, carrot pecan burgers...

ah...a girl can dream... well it's my reality, but I understand that those of you who don't yet have dehydrators will be at a loss. That's why I'm inviting you to join the message board to discuss these Mondays and all the options.

Raw Mondays will be the aim, not the rule. Raw is whatever degree one can personally do, with the bottom line being that the more raw ya go, the better ya feel.

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