Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Natural Hygiene

Natural Hygiene is the concept that the body contains all the wisdom it needs to live a long, healthy, vibrant life. That it is hard-wired for vigorous health; that this is our natural state.

That when we get sick, say, a cold or flu, it's the body taking care to expel something that doesn't belong. It's detoxing. In other words, the cold is the cure. Adding something to the mix, like medicine, gives a body something else it has to detox on top of it.

Natural hygiene is about letting it work itself out by itself.

The body has all it needs to repair itself. Taking anything at all interferes with its natural job of healing.

I love this, even when I struggle with this. The part I struggle with is ~t r u s t~.

I've mentioned on here before how we as a society are trained from birth to rely on authority, media, and various outside sources of so-called wisdom. Hard, then, to re-train ourselves to trust ourselves.

What if it's that simple? That glowing health is our birthright, and that we have all we need to live in health, and short of that, to repair ourselves? I believe it.

I know for one thing, I'm not making anyone any money when I'm well. And if I'm sick, no one is making a dime off me by selling me a potion or a lotion. Well, the growers and the farmers, but only until I have a garden big enough to feed myself and my family.

Now that I know first hand that asthma, high blood pressure, obesity, joint pain, eczema, digestive issues, etc are reversible and altogether unnecessary, I have such a different outlook on what wellness can mean. By taking away the beer, junk foods, and indiscriminate eating, and replacing it with nutrient dense, fresh, live foods, my chronic disease states, which I see now were precursors to bigger, more frightening diseases...have healed.

Raw, live foods are just that. Unheated, therefore with enzymes unchanged, they are absolutely mind-blowingly delicious. (I still run into folks who think, "Wow, celery combined with carrots...soooo tasty, not) but it's not about that. The way cooked foods smell delicious and enticing, raw food dishes taste intensely delicious.)

Simpler yet, the more raw foods ya eat, the healthier and better you'll feel. At first, you'll detox the old stuff that's been dragging your health down, but with every cycle of detox, you achieve greater and greater health.

Trust becomes easier over time, and natural hygiene becomes more viable.


Sara said...

In one of the books I've been reading, it said that in the "olden days" of China, the doctor was only paid when the patients were in good health. If the patients were sick, he stopped getting paid. Can you imagine what would happen in our country if that were the case? Medicine is BIG business...it's so sad how so many people just take their doctor's word and medicate them to death just to treat the symptoms...never getting to the root of the problem. It's all about creating fear and the media does a wonderful job in partnership with them (think of flu season). Great post!

Rawkin' said...

Hi Sara,
I love love love this idea...that the doctor was only paid when patients were in good health!! What a concept! I can only imagine such a world. You're so right, medicine is big business, and as sinister as it sounds, sickness is big business. We are better 'sick'. Now THAT is sick.
Flu season, indigestion, headache, bad breath, constipation, acne...all big bucks. sheesh.


Anonymous said...

I was reading on one of the raw sites the other day about how all live food in the US is going to be irradiated in the next year or so - does any one know about this? Could it be they really don't want people to be healthy and to prevent illness through eating living foods????


Rawkin' said...

I completely believe 'they' don't want us healthy!!! Here's a scary bunch of facts about irradiating:

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