Saturday, 12 January 2008

I'm finding that 'RAW' is a choice ya keep making.

Some things are now a natural part of how I live; for instance, I wouldn't dream of eating anything fried or 'fast food'... so that's gone.

I make green smoothies every day and that's second nature. I eat fruit, and I eat salads daily.

The thing that still gets me sometimes, and maybe this is just a winter thing, is dinner time. I still find myself feeling like I need 'more' at dinner time. I guess a lifetime's worth of 'full meal deals' doesn't leave overnight, or in 7 months, as the case may be.

I don't want meat n' potatoes, but I want something ELSE, something more substantial. And with raw, that means preparing in advance. Which is great, when I have done so... aheh... but pitiful when I have not!

When I haven't prepared, which is often these days, I get in my car and drive to the salad bar at the health food grocery store and eat a bowl of soup and have a salad. This, in perspective to my health goals, has become my McDonald's. (hey, it's all relative!)

And round and round I go. Is this entitlement? A reward for a good girl? Laziness?

Why yes, yes to all!!

I also think it's that it's the very fact that I give in to those hot SAD soups I keep reaching for these winter months. As you may know for yourself, the more cooked you add in, the more cooked you want.

And blech, nothing appeals to me less, intellectually. I still want that raw glow.

Maybe the lack of sunshine in this dreary, rainy Vancouver winter is messing with my thinking. It all seems easier in the summer!

But, I have to look at what I'm doing and put it in perspective. I still start my days with a green smoothie, supplemented with super foods, I still choose raw all day long, I still feel energetic. All in all, I'm still rawkin'!!

So.... um, never-mind. ;)


alissa said...

i hear that, sister!

i try to be patient with myself. i have to admit that i'm really motivated by negative reinforcement (my friend who i don't like). but i still have lots of slip ups. here and there.

but when i look back over the long arc, it's like you say. my bad days now used to be my good days.

and i keep moving in the right direction. so i figure, i should just keep doing that. and trust it. because it seems like a more sustainable transition. and one that is seemingly less neurotic.


Rawkin' said...

Yes, AMEN. I love that you put that "it seems like a more sustainable transition." YES!
I'm glad you can relate to this. I once read that a pilot does not fly a plane in one smooth straight's auto-correct all the way there...but it does get ya there. Like us, with this.
Thanks, alissa :)


Anonymous said...

i also read that most people eating a raw diet end up being 95% raw - it is slightly less extreme, more flexible and fits the life we live. and hey to me, a vege soup when its freezing outdoors seems no crime to me!


Rawkin' said...

I agree with you, SG, I'm most comfortable being high raw, allowing for the flow of real life. Re the hot soup on a cold day... so I can quit lookin' over my shoulder for the food police? PHEW! lol
I've always been kind of an all or nuthin' kind of girl, I guess that's the part of me that writes this stuff. :) It is good to weeelax!


tie-dyed doula said...

What are superfoods or should i say what type of superfoods are you referring? thanks, i am just an interested party?

tie-dyed doula said...

oh, forgot my

Rawkin' said...

Hi tie-dyed doula,
Superfoods are supplements rich with nutrients and minerals. I enjoy putting maca, spirulina, cacao nibs, goji, etc in my smoothies. Google superfoods, and you'll get many results and a better idea... :)

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