Saturday, 10 April 2010

Raw Food Rehab and stuff

I had the humbling experience of starting at BEFORE again yesterday.  I joined Raw Food Rehab, an 11 week program of raw support, and went further yet, and entered The Vault, an off-shoot for those who want greater accountability.

The humbling part was the full length shot of front, back, side.  Now, I've done that before, but privately...only sharing with the world when I could put it next to an "After" shot.  This time, I'm just hanging there in cyberspace, fortunately in the good company of other brave souls doing the same thing.  A face shot, showing raw, glowing improvements is one thing, but an ass shot, even if fully clothed, is quite another.  Reality check!  Those 62 lbs I lost on raw in those 8 months in '07?  I found 30 of them again!

I actually had an emotional reaction to doing this.   The Vault is a (thankfully) private forum, and once I was let in (at the 11th hour, I might add...I struggled with the very idea of being this public and putting my chest, waist, and hip measurements, starting weight, etc, for all to see.)  Once I was in and seeing photo after photo after photo of brave, honest souls who were putting all out there, ready for change, a wave of tears hit me.  It was very moving.  Everyone is posed in their gym slicks in that classic Before shot, ready and hopeful in the promise of later shots showing improvement, whatever that means for them.

So here I go...

For my 11 weeks, I decided to focus on both juicing and smoothie-ing daily, and on making sure to keep food combining in mind, and not eat apples after dinner, which is a bad habit that has crept back in.  As much as I hate to promise this, no Green & Black's chocolate bars.  (hold me.)  And I'm going to start walking and move my body more.  I've been quite sedentary these last few months, more so than ever.

So this is the kick in the pants I needed.  I've been keeping up my food journal, still, and am on Day 19 of writing down everything that I eat & drink, and will continue to do this, as I've found it to be an invaluable tool for keeping on track.

I'm going to be on a music tour from May 4 to June 14, and have the luxury of traveling in our new (to us) motorhome, dubbed, The Roadhouse.  It has a large fridge and freezer, (and a bathroom and a shower and a bedroom and a kitchen and and excited!!)  and I am bringing my dehydrator, Vitamix, sprializer, and food processor.  We are currently working on a raw food sponsor and when I know the details, I'll announce it here, but it is looking like a lot of our dried raw foods will be looked after for the tour.

So basically, I'm set up for success.  Last time we were on the road, we gained about 20 freakin' lbs, always eating at Tim Hortons.  Dude, don't.  THIS time, I intend to come back 'better' than when I left.

To kick off my first of 77 days, I started my morning off with a juice made of 1/2 a purple cabbage, 2 apples, and 2 small champagne mangoes.  Not bad at all, though won't become a favorite, I don't think.  Totally doable though, and especially glad once I read all the benefits of purple cabbage.

As a side note:  You are all welcome to join the Rawkin' fan page on Facebook!  Just click the badge in the right hand column and then join once you're there.  It'll be great to see you!

Rawk on, Rawkers!



silvergirl said...

Love you Lucie and Looooove that you are taking all your rawking aids with you in your motorhome - that is so perfect!
I am loving the whole Vault concept and the accountability to help us keep on track. Since I started planning to do this, bit more than a week ago, i have been eating high raw nearly every day, and have already dropped some kilos. Loving it and loving that we are on this journey together!

Rawkin' said...

Aw, love you, SG xoxo
I'm really glad we're in this together too!! Thanks for your support and love!

Christy said...

Oops now I see you are in the vault. I guess that's what I get for reading posts backwards!

g.c.k said...

Hey Lucie!

Me 3, also in the Vault. If you joined at the 11th hour, I slipped in as the door was closing. I'm in and the day has started off very well, although I have a bit of water to drink to be on target.

My smoothie was Watermelon, Red Grapes, Strawberries and a bunch of Spinach. Sweet and delicious. I thought I needed a sweeter option to kick off the week. More veggies in the next few.

See you two in The Vault!

I feel like we are all linked arms and about to take a jump off a cliff...but fly...

Georgia XX

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