Thursday, 15 April 2010

Louise Hay Health Affirmations

Hi Beauty-Fulls!!

Still Rawkin' ovah heeyah!  Been close to 100% raw this know, except for the odd mint.  lol

It's remarkably easier to stay on path with your convictions when you are held accountable, as I am with Raw Food Rehab, and specifically, The Vault.   Just knowing  it's there, and countless others are right there along with me, makes all the difference.

I'm experiencing vertigo the last two days, Steve believes strongly that it's detox, something sinus-inner-ear related, because he reminds me it happened last time, and it faded after 4 or 5 days. 

I need that reassurance because as I'm wont to do, I jump to the OH NO didn't I just read that vertigo could mean ________.  (Give it up, Luce.  Just give it up!  All these million things I've thought I've had or would get over the years, and here I am, still tickin' and strong like bull.)  Honestly, I'm so over that part of myself!  I've been listening to Louise Hay on youtube, body and health affirmations, and it's totally helping, I must say. 

I'm starting to be transparent to myself about this issue, and am much better about not buying into my fears.  Anxiety is a clever, clever beast, always disguising itself as the real thing; so convincing!!  I'm onto myself now, and don't go to doomsday nearly like before these audio sessions.  What I do as I listen and read aloud, is do EFT tapping right along with them.  Try it for any ailment, real or imagined.  (Even though each frame is geared toward a different thing, I just read the affirmations aloud  and skip the 'disorder', because in my mind, they are good for everything.)   

I also shouldn't fail to mention that the further into raw I go, the quieter any symptoms (real or imagined) get, so all of it is working together.  I'm easin' on down the right road, Baby!!

There is music on these, so if you're at work, you might want to turn off your speakers!

Happy healing, Rawkers!


Anonymous said...

I Love Lucy Too ! Where is the order form for the t-shirts ?

XOX Islander

Rawkin' said...

I want the I Love Islander tshirt. (I found this one at the VV Boutique on Victoria, and wore it to a gig that night) :)

Ann said...

Wow..I'm about to start a raw food detox tomorrow. I've already been doing EFT tapping to get ready for it and I know I'll be doing a lot of it for the next little while. Breaking my food addictions will be a chance to do a lot of clearing, no doubt!

Rawkin' said...

Hi Ann,
That's great!! EFT has helped me so much with raw, and cravings. You are able to clear emotions as they arise, thus benefitting other areas in your life. All the best with your health goals! Keep in touch!

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