Sunday, 11 April 2010


Day 1 of Raw Food Rehab went wonderfully!

I enjoyed that juice in the morning that I wrote about yesterday (1/2 purple cabbage, 2 apples, 2 mangoes)

Then I had a late lunch at the Truffle Cafe , a little raw food cafe tucked in the back of an organic grocery store called Eternal Abundance.  I ordered the beet burger and salad with raw pineapple dressing, and while I was there, I loaded up on greens and produce so that I'd be good to go in the kitchen for the next few days.

That sustained me until later in the evening, when at around 7:30, I went to Whole Foods to pick up raw Nori sheets, and saw the juice bar and ordered myself a 'Triple C', which was made up of carrots, cucumber, and celery.  Damn, was that ever good!  It saved me the 'trouble' of making a juice at home, which was what I had in mind for supper. 

Later on, still craving the sweets, I had a little handful of sultana raisins, and later yet, I had a little pot of hot water & lemon.


I woke up today with something missing.

No breast pain!  This is something I've had going on for ages, and when I quit coffee, it helped a lot, because it's known to contribute to fibrocystic breasts.  But today, it was really, really heaviness, no NOTHING, and for the first time in a lonnnng time, my breasts just felt beautiful.  How's that for honesty???  So I told my boyfriend, and as I stood in front of him, astonished, and squeezing them through my shirt, he said, "Here, let Dr. Steve make sure everything checks out."  haha it was a cute & flirtatious moment (and I let him!) ;)  But I was just stunned.  I'm thinking that the only thing I did that was way outside the norm yesterday was eat 1/2 a purple cabbage, so naturally I'm thinking it's connected. 

Hm.  Dunno.  But yay to feeling good about breasts and yay to having breasts feel good!

Anyway, this put me in a lighthearted and wonderful mood!  Not to mention grateful!  :)

We spent about half an hour in the motorhome, Steve with his tea and me with my lemon tea (hot water & 1/2 a squeezed  lemon.)  It was so nice to sit in there with Gracie, our dog, and...Ruby our cat!  This was Ruby's inaugural visit to the motorhome, as we are acclimating her because this is going to be her home, too, for a month and a half!  (Hello cat harness!) She's toured with us before, but not for a long time, and never for as far or long.   She walked around sniffing everything and settled on the dashboard, where she used to go all the time.  Here are a couple pics of her traveling in the past:

 So she'll be just fine!  I always feel badly when we leave her with friends to feed her for 5-7 weeks, and feel she must be so confused.  We are so bonded with our pets, and they to us.  Ruby comes for evening walks with Gracie and us, and the two of them lived in the bus with us for 3 months when they were younger. 

The last time leaving her was the hardest.  We had our friend live in our apt while we were gone, and he had to have his Border Collie with him, so Ruby was having none of that and spent several weeks hiding in the wood pile out back.  I was so worried about her, and our friend was too, of course.  He kept going out and trying to lure her out with food, and sometimes leaving it there, hoping it was actually her and not other critters eating it.  Well, when we returned, the first thing I did was run to the wood pile and called her, and after a moment I heard her meow, but when she came out, timidly, she looked unrecognizable!  Her face was so bloated that I said, "Holy shit, that's not Ruby!"  She is usually a very slight cat, undersized, even.  But she came all the way out and she was a butterball!  haha!  All that luring with food, plus staying outside, she probably padded up for protection from the elements (it was Sept/Oct).  Poor little thing, so I never want to leave her again.  As hard as getting used to the motorhome may be, we'll be together and she won't be confused about us disappearing a couple times a year.  Poor little love!!


Anyway, then I came inside and made myself what turned into 2 glasses of Green Lemonade:
1 head of romaine, several leaves of kale, 2 apples, 1 lemon - peel, pits, an' all.
Here's a 'Before & After' was soooo delicious.  I just down this stuff and find it so refreshing!
For dinner this evening, I am making some Savory Nori Snacks, and some Jicama Fries, and a Kale salad.  This will be the first time I've made the fries, because it's the first time I've ever found jicama, and right down the street, yay!  I'd asked there before...

I'm really looking forward to these!  The recipe is so simple:

4 c jicama, peeled (just one good sized jicama)
1/4 c olive oil
1/4 c sundried tomato powder (made by grinding unsoaked sundried tomatoes...ideally in a little coffee grinder, but I only had my fp and it worked out)
1 tsp onion powder
1 tsp garlic powder
1 tsp celtic sea salt
1/2 tsp cumin
1/2 tsp chili
1/2 tsp cayenne

Blend the oil and spices well, and put the sliced jicama in and make sure everything is coated.  Stick in the dehydrator for a few hours...depending on thickness.  I went thin, so I imagine 5 or 6 hours but I'll let you know. 

They are gorgeous!! Looky! (This is before they are dehydrated...they may darken up...we'll see!

I'll let you know how dinner turns out, and I'll post a photo of everything once it's all made.

UPDATE: Later in the afternoon, I enjoyed a fabulous green smoothie.  I think this was the best one I ever made.  I used an entire small box of Eden Organics baby spinach, 4 champagne mangoes, 2 apples, 1/2 c frozen blueberries, and flax oil.  OMG.  DELISH!!!  Here it is before blending. 

Then, our dinner... oh my!  It was probably the best ever, too.  I'm on a roll today!  The jicama fries shrunk to crumbs for the most part, so next time, I'll chop them big, since they reduce so much in size.  Damn are these good, though, holy cow.  We both loved 'em. 

The Savory Nori Snacks were perfection, and for the salad, I used kale, red chard, grated burdock root, tomato, shredded purple cabbage, & sprouted sunflower kernels with lemon dressing.

Steve brought me some raw chocolate ganache for dessert and it was divine.  We decided to eat this meal in the motorhome, just for kicks!
Have a fantastic day, Rawkers!


Lisa is Raw on $10 a Day (or less!) said...

gorgeous produce ... RFR is awesome, too ... I'll be going in the vault next time round.

Rawkin' said...

Hi Lisa,
Isn't it gorgeous? Yeah, Ralph's got the best produce in town! Less expensive than anywhere else, and just awesome.
Hey it'll be great to see you in the Vault (If I do it again!)
Thanks for reading my blog!!

Antony Heaven said...

That is a lot of produce! Doesn't cabbage have vitamin K or something equally special in it? It's good news whatever the reason.

Your cat is beautiful!

Rawkin' said...

Hi Antony,
Yes that sure is a lot of produce, but you know what? The romaine is already gone, so is the kale, and I'm down to a couple mangoes and a few apples. :) YUM!
Cabbage is especially high in K & C! I'm so going to keep adding it in my diet in a big way. The Boobalage LOVE IT! LOL
Aw, yeah, Ruby is a Darlin'
Hey I see you're also in the Vault! We're building up a good support!

Rawkin' said...

Georgia, I accidentally deleted yours & Christy's comments!

I'm delighted we're doing the Vault together!!! That is awesome!! :D


Rawkin' said...

Like I mentioned to Georgia, I accidentally deleted some comments, yours among them! Sorry!!

YAY to the VAULT!!

Congrats to all of us for our Vaultling Bravery and I look forward to the support along the way!

SO grateful you guys are here!!


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