Sunday, 18 April 2010

Part of my Week in Food


Antony Heaven said...

This all looks stunning & delicious :-)

Rawkin' said...

Hi Antony! Thanks! Yes Sir, it was indeed delicious! Raw food is so luscious and pretty, isn't it? All those colors!
Wishing you a wonderful week,

Ellie said...

Hey, I came across your blog and was inspired! Great job on your success. Also, those cucumbers with tomatoes look delicious :)

Rawkin' said...

Hi Ellie,
I'm so honored that you found inspiration in my blog; thank you!! Those cucumbers were quite the treat. If you 'youtube' the words 'gorilla sandwich' you'll see parts 1 & 2 of a great video by the originator of this clever idea, with step by step instructions of building one. :)

Keep in touch!

All the best,

Suzanne said...

that all looks fantastic! well done.

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