Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Tag! You're it!

I've been tagged by my fellow raw foodist pal, Carmella, of Sunny Raw Kitchen.

Being tagged means I reveal 5 things about myself you may not know about. I'm such an open book, that I have been thinking hard here, and I don't think there are 5 things left that someone, somewhere, doesn't already know. Then I kept thinking, and I realized there are at least 5 things I don't want anyone to know. But I am playing on the side of caution.

1. I took a ballroom dance lesson once. Once. I had to coax my boyfriend there, and it turns out I had two very self-conscious left feet and he was a natural! Harrumph.

2. I bought a school bus, lived in it for a while, and now it's parked out back. I'm getting it ready for its next phase, my art studio.

3. I can't hear the song Teach Your Children without bursting into tears.

4. I am a bad banjo player, a good songwriter, a great singer

5. I love raw and everything, but part of my heart will always belong in a dark bar.

Now I'm tagging fiddlemama, Lhia, AlexMac, alissa, and Leonie. Tag! You're it!


Anonymous said...

I've been wondering what ever happened to the schoolbus!

And I'm glad I'm not a blogger so I don't have to share 5 things about myself. ;-)


Rawkin' said...

The schoolbus lives!!

These 5 things are tame, trust me lol


Anonymous said...


Love hearing about your adventures.


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