Monday, 24 March 2008

Cooked Thoughts

I'm re-committing to the raw foods lifestyle. I slipped by the wayside and it's one of those things that is 'fun while it lasts' but ultimately, the price is too high.

I am resolute in my knowledge that eating a raw food diet cures the body of what ails it, and creates an environment that disease doesn't thrive in. It might show up and try to come in, but it can't stay.

I've let myself slip in my resolve. I don't mind the odd cooked thing, but the cooked thoughts are what have really started to kill this for me.

Cooked thoughts are me letting my guard down, and specifically, forgetting the initial inspiration. It's like getting all fired up after reading a convincing book about raw, envisioning how great it will be when the time comes I'm healed, saved, and thin, then reaching that and letting it slip.

Cooked thoughts are me reaching for the old comfortable, recognizable, albeit unhealthy, behaviors. Not beer and twinkies, don't worry, but just letting the whole mindset slide until I find myself posting on a message board that I 'dabbled in raw' this past weekend. Wah! I don't want to dabble, I want to dive in!!

Raw works, man!!! Raw heals! Thoughts of illness, from pesky to chronic, absolutely leave my belief system when I am 100% raw. Cooked thoughts are the returning doubts that my body is ok. Raw keeps the inner terrain reinforced and cooked breaks down defenses. That simple to me.

Cooked thoughts point to depression, illness-real or imagined, sleepiness, guilt, sighing, cynicism...

Raw thoughts point to life, energy, love, happiness, bright future, longevity, glowing health, light, freedom, art, beauty....

Welcome me back, won'tcha?

Better yet, join me!


AlexMac said...

I know I've already told you this, but the Karen Knowler article you put on the forum made SUCH sense to me. The cooked thoughts are all part of your raw journey aren't they? It doesn't mean you've fallen off or are gone - ity's just the little path you've wandered down, but don;t worry becasue it will lead you right back to raw! Love you. Rosi

Rawkin' said...

Cooked thoughts are part of the journey, yes... and further to that, I mean more of having fallen into a way of thinking that leads to serious 'ahfuckits'.

Love your support, Rosibaby


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Rawkin' said...

Thank you, DVD :)


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