Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Raw Energy

c L.Walker 2007

Eating a mostly raw diet gives me a ton of energy. Not the horse-whipped kind that caffeine brings, but the steady, up at the crack o' dawn and good until I hit sack at around 10 or 11 kind.

My energy no longer lags in the afternoon, either after eating lunch or that old 3 o'clock slump.

Also, I'm as energetic at 7 a.m. as I am at 7 pm. It's just steady.

Up until I went raw, I never knew such energy. My body has known years of partying, years of nights so late they turn into mornings, nasty black coffee, and you know about the junk food, pot, smokes, and beer. A big garbage can o' fun!

I was always draggin' my ass, just trying to get through things, get 'em overwith, wishing they weren't coming, or here, or just different. I wasn't a big napper, unless it overcame me on certain days, I actually resisted sleep, afraid to miss my fabulous life. Sigh.

Thing I'm gettin' at is that I never developed the habit of occupying my time productively. I was too busy fielding the anxiety, panic, and utter depression that would swallow me up.

Free from the grip of these negative cycles and results, I find myself with all this energy now, and I sometimes don't know what in hell to do with it!! This peace of mind is driving me nuts!! hahaha

Sure, being an artist, I paint, and find great joy in this. I jump on my rebounder until I'm breathless, I play squash and get my ya-ya's out, and this is helping...

... but there are times when I'm thumpin' to do stuff, and have no idea WHAT. Like a bored child. I don't know what to dooooooooooo.

On the message board, it was recently touched on that Storm made an observation that as raw foodists, if we don't use up this extra energy, it can turn in on itself, I'm paraphrasing; here's the paragraph:

"... I think that I realized early on in my journey that the energy levels one obtains from doing a well balanced raw vegan diet are astronomical. The only way that I was able to maintain a long term course was to transmute the energy. I think that if you don't find a way to transmute the energy then it turns on you. "

So, sitting here, wondering my next step, it *is* great to know it isn't a coffee and it isn't a nap.

Maybe it IS time to open my own business............write that book...........join that gym...........rock climb............start runnin' again...........


Sara said...

Great thoughts...I agree. Even more than physical energy, I have so much higher "mind energy". My mind is constantly running...with new ideas...new passions...new dreams. Even at night, my dreams are more vivid and crazy. I love it...but I need to get a grasp on it and turn it into all positive things so I don't get overwhelmed! Love the painting...it makes me so happy!

Anonymous said...

i looove the picture Lucie!!! totally what i was expecting when i pmed you the other day!! the energy is just flying out of it - the movement is awesome.

actually i can see it as a book cover or something like that, a testament to raw energy - just flying along!

i have a feeling there are many projects out there just waiting for you to turn your bright light onto them .... start looking! :)



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