Sunday, 22 May 2011

Sunday Prattlings

As I type this, I hear my dehydrator hummin' in the backgound, and my juicer parts are on the counter, rinsed and ready to reassemble.

In other words, so far so good.  :)

The past couple days, I've been eating salads and drinking green smoothies, and I even ordered a "Deep Cleanse" from work when I stopped by. 

(I ordered a non-raw, shall we say, 'junk food item' off a menu late last night, but I lived to tell the tale, and continue on...;))

Why am I telling you all this?  lol... Well, it helps me sort through it and keeps me accountable.  Also helps me know that I'm still goin' for it, aiming at fabulous.  (Speaking of fabulous, last night I went out and heard my friends' band play, and caught up with a bunch of folks I hadn't seen in a while... good times!)

This morning, I made a green lemonade, which yielded two tall glasses.  God, it is the stuff of life, that drink.  It feels good going down, and it's absolutely refreshing and delicious.  I'm such a huge fan of this concoction.  (1 whole lemon - skin, seeds, and all...2 apples...1 head romaine...small handful other leaves, spinach/kale, etc...juice and walla!)

I sat down and browsed through my raw recipe books the other day, and decided to make a couple simple things that I used to make, so I started with carrot pecan burgers, zucchini tortillas, and hummous. 

I still have to make the hummous but I have 8 see, that's what the tortillas are pairing up with, lol.

It's pretty cool to work in a larger kitchen.  Remeber my widdle basement suite?  Man, I made a lot of raw food in that tiny space!!  Today, I was all, WOW this is pretty cool.  Counter space!!  (I have lived here since November, but today is my first real uncooking day since my break-up.  I haven't had the heart or the motivation to bother with pulling out all the raw kitchen gear and using the dehydrator.  Well it's a good sign, right?)  Anyway, I used my kitchen, and spring has sprung in my heart.  Wow, I'd be nuts not to give you this song's my favorite Peggy Lee tune, I sing it, but this is's called Another Spring.  I listened to this a lot in the past several months, coming out of grief.

...sniff beautiful....sigh...

Ooh!  I cooked up a bag of quinoa...not raw, lol...but dang good fer ya and delish!!  I made three cups so that will see me through a couple days.  Nice to just have a nutritious, filling, and more to the point, instant (!) food in the fridge to snack on.

I feel pretty good.  Prettyy, prettyy, prettyy, pretty good.  (for any fellow Larry David fans reading this.)




Anonymous said...

You're doin' 'er, Ms.Luce ! And prittie, prittie, prittie good it is. XOX Islander

renee kristine said...

i linked you in my new post!

Rawkin' said...

Thank you, Renee!! :)

Rawkin' said...

Hey MsAnonymousIslander xoxo
Nice talking with you yesterday! Stay on dry side of the dock,:)

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