Thursday, 19 May 2011

Ready, Set, Raw...

Papayas growing at the edge of a parking lot, Lahaina, Maui

Hello there!

Well I'm back for another kick at the can.  You know, back to eating raw foods.  Back into the raw foods lifestyle.  Gonna read books, attend workshops and seminars, and get my head and heart back into it.

I'm going to create simple raw meals, enjoy smoothies and green juices, crackers, spreads, nuts, seeds, seaweed, desserts (funny to see those last two words next to each other).

I'll be going on trust for a the first while because that's all there is.  Trust, and this really deep knowing that it's time for me to wake up again.  I am remembering there is a fog that a cooked and sloppy diet puts us in, and I am in it as I type this, lol.  But I had a window there for a minute, and remembered the fog, so there's hope for me yet. ;)

Anyway, just going to trust, and head in the right direction.  Just have faith that it's the right thing to do, and the rest of me will catch up as I start seeing my various systems improve as symptoms of this or that vanish, and my pants fit better, and my mood brightens.  Oh, and clothes shopping will be fun again, and dating, when I get to it, will feel sexy intead of dumpy. 

I sure am glad I have this blog to remind me because if raw was just something I'd done, undocumented, it would just be 'something I'd tried years ago.  This way, I have detailed articles.  I honestly don't even recognize myself in some of these blog articles.  Who is this woman who spends that kind of time in the kitchen?!  Surely not me.  See, that's how profoundly raw changes you.  What seems time consuming and absurd from the fog, is actually just one of a kajillion other things you have daily energy for when you're raw.  Your energy is boundless and  I remember where I wrote about feeling like a child again.  Whoa.  I mean, whoa, right?  Let's get this again.  Let's go there. 

Let's start this blog over from here.

Who's with me? ;)



Anonymous said...

Looking forward to the journey!

Anonymous said...

Hey Lucie, this rawks that you are back to blogging! I came in today to get the brownie recipe from when we were in Maui. Oh wow, a total ADOS moment, I love saying that phrase 'when we were in Maui'. Anyways so happy you are raw blogging again. Love and hugs Anita

Lanie said...

I'm with you!
I just went back to "raw until dinner" a week ago. Working my way back to high raw (I hope). So glad you're back.

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