Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Rawkin' Roll, Baby!

Hey you know what?  I'm doing awesome!  :)  Yeah!!  I'm feeling better already.  I woke up this morning with a pinch more energy than usual because I noticed I didn't have what I call a "food hangover".  (You know, when you wake up feeling deep-fried and toxic from having indulged in rich cooked food the day/night before?  Well I sure know it; I'm a sucker for rich food. Hi, my name is Rawkin' and I'm a Sweet-n-Salty-a-holic.)


Well, I'm not still on Maui, but I thought I would post this photo from my trip last month because I am convinced that this should be my permanent state:  fabulous.  I simply can't shake how amazing I felt there.
It is my goal to create this feeling anywhere.  I want that to be my default setting.  :)

So even though I woke up in rainy Vancouver, I definitely had more spring in my step today.  You know that I've been eating a whole lot better since Thursday, right?  Well, forgive me, but I also woke up feeling really freakin' proud of myself for not getting into my van last night at 10 pm to seek out a boston cream donut.  Omg I coulda swam a river lengthwise for a couple of those last night.  But I did not.  So what did I do instead?  I peeled and ate half an English cucumber (which was strangely satisfying) and went to bed. 

Look, I know what you're thinking.  You wanted a boston cream donut but had a freakin' English cucumber instead??  And that's a good thing?  :)  lol, I get it.  haha see?  I get it.  But really, when you're that fed up with how you are feeling and looking, and your eye is starting to focus in on the prize, it's game on, gimme dat cucumber.  It was such a sweet sensation to trust myself and not let myself down. 

It reminded me that I used to experience those triumphs a whole lot back in my early days of raw.   Back when I had a good command over myself and was able to resist temptation because I had my eye on the prize (health & weight loss & that sought-after raw 'glow'.)  Every successful junk food dodge and subsequent better choice was a victory along the way, that, added up, paved the way.  Good thing for me to remember...that good choices, when strung together, make for change.


Hey, I was inspired a couple times at work today!  I have a co-worker, I'll call her Anna, cuz that's her name, lol.   We just had Victoria Day here in Canada, so I asked her what she did on her long weekend.   She said, "I flew to Miami."  I was all, WHAT?  for the WEEKEND??  :) 

She was all, 'uh-huh...' 

WOW I still smile for real when I think of it.  I'm so inspired, it turns me inside out.  Happy sigh.  I love that spirit.  Just like that, Vancouver to Miami for the weekend.  I want some o dat.  Only, make mine Maui. ;)

The other time I was inspired at work today was when I chatted to a new co-worker and discovered that she's been 100% raw for 6 or 7 years...that alone rawks, but the other part is, she is only 22!  She is so cool and no-nonsense about it, just eats what looks good, and when I asked about dinner, she said, "Fruit!"  She's clearly found what works for her, and what struck me was her ease with raw.  There didn't seem to be a battle there for her like there is for me. lol  I will be pickin' her brain!  :)  So cool that I am working with young people my oldest son's age!  It occured to me to interview her for this blog.  What d'ya think?  I also want to interview another co-worker, a young man of 19 who has lost 50 lbs since working at Organic Lives!! 


I had an EFT client tonight and I got such a glowing testimonial.  This person bought a block of five sessions and was telling me that the issues they came in with are becoming complete non-issues!  We are only 3 sessions in!!  


I went to the grocery store and loaded up my crisper with kale, romaine, and more romaine (for those green lemonades I love so much) and a goodly bunch of fruit.  I saw pathetic avocados...you know, the gross kind where you slightly press and your thumb goes through...shudder!!!)  and they made me think of the ones I saw on Maui.  Holy gawd they were healthy lookin'!!


Anyway, all in all, bit by little bit, it's starting to feel a tiny bit fabulous.  :) 



Lanie said...

Green lemonade is the best! Wakes me up even better than coffee :)

Rawkin' said...

Aw yeah, Lanie. Just reading that makes me salivate. I just got up about an hour ago and a Green Lemonade sounds *perfect* right about now. Thanks!!
PS I quit coffee :)

an ambrosia life said...

I can't find the green lemonade recipe:(

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