Thursday, 20 December 2007

Chew Chew


Chew your food! Ever heard this? I used to hear "Quit wolfin' it down!" Until now, I've always been a 'fast' eater. Looks as rude as it sounds, I'm sure.

Well, since going raw, it's hard to eat fast, lest ya choke! Fixed MY wagon, dinnit?

I've read to chew my food to a soupy consistency. I looked into it and have found that mommy was right (again).

Chewing starts the digestive process in your mouth. Your saliva releases digestive enzymes that start digesting carbs and fats before you even swallow.

But this, this is the reason that SOLD me: If ya don't chew your food, the nutrients stay locked inside! Hello! So ya go through the 'trouble' of being raw, and you still experience a level of malabsorption? I think not.

On top of that, unchewed food wreaks (reeks?) havoc with your colon, creating bloating and gas.

Chew your food!


Un Jour... said...

Hello!! I just wanted to let you know that I have enjoyed reaidng your blog and you have really caught my interest in going raw!! I have done mass research, I have bought two books in one week so far and I have been glued to different websites pertaining to the subject. COME the New Year and I am on my way to a new happy, healthy life adventure:)

Thank you for opening my eyes!!


Rawkin' said...

That's so great, Patty! It's so beautiful to inspire, as I've been inspired. Going raw has changed everything for me; you can look forward to a very new you in the new year.

Thank you for your comment :)


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