Thursday, 27 December 2007

Am I Willing?

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My new question for myself is one bound to see some action. I am borrowing it from the book, 'The Energy of Money' by Maria Nemeth, PhD.

I ask myself, 'Do I want to?' and even if the answer is 'no', I then ask myself, 'Am I willing?'

Do I want to? No. Am I willing? Yes. That is how things get done.

That, right there, is a key sign of maturity, which, by really climbing into this one, I feel is finally within my grasp at age 44. Bloom much?

So it goes with raw foods. Do I want to? For the most part, a resounding YES. I 'believe' in raw and the POWER of nutritional healing, and that the fuel we put into our bodies directly corresponds with how well that body functions.

Do I always want to? No. Sometimes it's just so much easier and even cozier, to buy a bowl of soup on a winter night. But in light of this question, I anticipate finding myself willing to do otherwise.

So far, by asking Do I want to/Am I willing... I have, since last night, brought my partner 2 cups of tea, cleaned the living room, vacuumed, done the dishes, set some chick peas a-sproutin', emailed some folks back. It makes me channel my energy rather than just be busy all over the place.

If you're thinking of going raw, or adding some raw, or going all the way into it, it'll be because you've researched all the glowing benefits, read all the amazing health recovery stories, seen peoples' 'before & after' pictures, and want some of that for yourself!

Right on! Down the road when you've settled into a raw routine that works for you, you may get lazy as I do sometimes, and find it easier to order Indian (my every now and again weakness) but if you run with 'Do I want to?'...even if the answer is no, the answer to ...but am I willing...' will be yes, and it may be the only thing that saves you sometimes.

You will get all kinds of inner chatter telling you Ah just go for it, whatever... so you need to get familiar with that monkey mind voice and separate your own authentic voice from it and forge onward.

Cuz, you really do want to be raw.

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