Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Update from the Heart

So where IS this freakin' Rawkin'?? Honestly!!

Well here I am. Not very raw, but still rockin'!! Stay with me as I work out all the bugs in this raw eating thing, would ya??

I've turned my focus on music these days, and am in the studio recording our second album. Album. Do people say that anymore? CD.

I'm bookin' our act and giggin' all over the place, which is nothin' but fun!! Eating pub food is fun at the time, but I'm never glad I did it, and always sorry the next day when I wake up pasty mouthed and kickin' myself.

So right now I'm more of a do as I say not as I do type of person with regards to raw. So here's what I say: Stay raw. The emotional toll SAD takes is so much shittier than any fleeting craving. Some days I am staying raw until dinner, then having a steamed dinner, which is how this whole thing started a couple years ago. Some days I don't have time to eat and then find myself starving...and we all know that's when we grab 'anything'. And lately, because of this recording & performing, we are all over the place, and any 'routine' is shot. All excuses and all true. Probably the biggest factor is being in the cycle of SAD. SAD begets SAD...it spirals into wanting more food, more often.

Overall, because my focus is on such a joyous endeavour like music, I'm not 'down' per se, but I know that with eating the way I am comes the blahs of crappy, low energy...which sets up endless cycles...and on and on it goes. When I get off this merry go round (as I always do) I will welcome the vibrancy once again. It will match my high level of productivity.

I'm exploring this emotional eating...seeing how it aligns with re-entering the music business. The phrase No shit, Sherlock just popped into my mind. :)

Tomorrow I have an EFT session and I hope to get to the bottom of it because I want to align my outer joy with my inner joy again.

In any case, am still aiming at raw! Just wish the target would hold still!!




Wildhearted said...

Thanks for the update Beautiful! Congrats on your new album/cd! When one of my kids was little, he saw a record and called it a giant "cd". :) I kinda miss the vinyl...


Anonymous said...

Hey Ms. Luce,

If you are busy making music and lifting that beautiful voice to the rafters ... then who cares if you eat...temporarily... raw or cooked ... a different barn yard animal a day ! Lovin' ya, Islander

Rawkin' said...

Ms Islander,

Have I told you lately how much I love you??
Thank you for reminding me it's temporary. And for making me smile at your way with words. hehe

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