Thursday, 18 June 2009

Announcing the Raw Music Tour

Ok ya know what? I'm on fire, Baby. What a difference a day makes.

A couple months ago, when I was deep into my raw self, I mentioned in passing to my friend Steph that during my music tour from Vancouver to Ontario, I was intending to video tape a 'raw roadtrip' documentary at the same time.
You know, stuff like preparing a raw meal roadside from an Saskatchewan corn field, finding organic produce in remote towns... just raw tales from the road, as they happened... mixed with performance footage, etc. A raw musician on tour.

Well yesterday, I saw my dear friend again and she mentioned how excited she was at the thought of this, and to be honest, as I've been recording our cd and gigging and putting my attention on that stuff, I'd let that idea fade away along with the good eatin'.

But her enthusiasm got me thinking again...

I just got another email from her, and this time she really flicked her bic under me! It was in perfect timing with having just started booking the tour...and getting a booking on the first try!

As I sit here, just a day after my woeful update, I can't think of a better way to have incentive to be raw again than to commit to taking raw footage during the tour. So thank you, Steph.

Speaking of the tour:

We are booking from Vancouver to Ontario for a few weeks at the end of summer/beginning of fall. Here is a schedule of dates:
B.C. - August 28-Sept 2
Alberta - Sept 3-6
Saskatchewan - Sept 7-10
Manitoba - Sept 11-13
Northern Ontario - Sept 14-17
S.Western Ontario - Sept 18-26

Then on our return trip, the dates are:

Northern Ontario - Sept 27 -30
Manitoba - Oct 1-3
Saskatchewan Oct 4-6
Alberta - Oct 7-10
B.C. - Oct 11 - 14

The goal is to have our new cd in our hot little hands by the end of August so we can hit the dusty trail in the big ol' 'Burban and gig our way to Ontario and back again.

Like our last tour, we are open, available, and ready for all sorts of gigs...from coffeehouses to concert halls...which brings us to living room concerts!

If you'd like to experience our music in a very personal way, please visit the link below to read some information about house concerts.

All we need is your living room, a little (raw) snackie, and a few dozen of your friends kicking in a donation. Please ask us about this - it's a LOT of fun!

If you think this is kinda cool, click our house concert page here and get in touch with us!
Book us for your house concert!

Click here to see a little video about the concept of house concerts!

To read all about how to host a concert in your home, click the banner below:

House Concerts In Your Home

See ya on the road...

xo Rawkin'

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Wildhearted said...

That's so awesome!!!!! I love the idea of living room concerts!

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