Thursday, 11 September 2008

Is there anything draining you?

There are things that drain me on sight, yet I've gotten used to their presence in my life and until I really sit and focus, can't put my finger on why they bug me, or even exactly what they are.

I was getting dressed the other day and open my dresser drawer to select a tee shirt to wear. I lifted one out, then had the passing thought, 'Nah...' and put it back, choosing another instead.

It suddenly occured to me that I always get a 'Nah' when I pick up that shirt, yet I have had it for years. Why was it still in my dresser when I spent 9 out of 10 times rejecting it? So just like that, seniority be damned, I ripped it up and now it's a paint rag, living out its life in a way that I will love and appreciate its presence in my life. Reborn in a way I really need it.

I hadn't realized until that moment just how much it had drained me slightly every time I looked at it and considered wearing it.

It was then that I got looking around my small, cluttered apartment, (a space that reminds me of me, when I try to stuff my current self into a pair of 'past' jeans: junk everywhere.) :)

Anyway, looking around, I realize that I've stopped really seeing a lot of this stuff. It's just always there. When company is coming over, my vision goes into survival mode and I can suddenly see my apartment differently, as company will see it. Remember those 'magic eye' books? Like that.

So I give the place a squinty look around with these thoughts in mind:

1) does this give me energy, raise my vibration, make me happy or hopeful?
2)Or does it drain me like that shirt?

From knick knacks on my mantle to pictures on the wall, out it went. All crap! Just kidding, all stuff I am giving new life to, on a shelf at the thrift store. (Where it of course came from in the first place.)

So what's this got to do with raw?

Well, the de-cluttering frenzy included my kitchen and fridge, because the more I've been coming back to mindfully and consistently eating raw and living foods, the more I've decluttered my eating. I'm eating more simply and feeling so great!

By letting go of the things that have been draining me, I have created room for life to flow.

I'm on a mission to be filled up by my raw life! I love myself most when I'm raw. My thoughts turn bright and my energy is incredible.

I've been working out in the gym and feeling so hopeful and 'on the path'. It's really nice to sit here and notice how hard life is RAWKIN'!!

Join me!!

Dear Santa: I'm in sore need of a couple new appliances (a blender and a food processor) and that will complete this completely refreshing makeover!!)

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lotus71 said...

I here ya!!!! There is a blog I love I love his posts about clearing your mind, organizing life...getting motivated you MUST check this site out and let me know...clutter brings me confusion and I have enough with 3 kiddos running around and my husband traveling around the WILL do this raw life again...reread your own posts they are quite inspirational

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